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  1. Running full electric seems like more wiring then it's worth 😆
  2. Right, honestly I am really looking forward to doing a full restore over time and going down the road and being that one of a kind guy in my area
  3. I appreciate your offer but right now I going to have to pass
  4. What kind of condition is the 74in? Do you have any pictures of it?
  5. Good to know thank you 😊
  6. Give me a few to get some decent pictures for yall
  7. Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am getting my start in cars and would consider myself a noob lol. I did however just buy A 1963 renault the last owner said it was a dalphine however this particular car has the 4 speed trans and all disk brakes so I'm like 90%sure it's the gordini. It definitely needs a little tlc tho I'm currently looking for some calipor rebuild kits for it but I can't seem to find any. I also have to rewire it, it does run ish lol there may be a issues with the fule tank. It was stored in a barn for 30years so very little rust. I'm excited to get this car back on the road. I'd
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