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  1. received photo from another forum-- thanks
  2. Can someone provide a photo of part number 505941 installed on a 1941 Pontiac? Part I believe is Group 7.868 and called cushion,bumper apron. Thanks
  3. Can someone provide a photo of part number 505941, cushion bumper apron, installed on a 1941 Pontiac? Thanks
  4. I have 27 Gm key blanks to sell as a lot. 23 keys are repo and 4 are original. Looking for $35.00 plus $7.95 flat rate shipping. Thanks
  5. Todd, Thanks for taking the time to send me the Moog info. Your help is greatly appreciated. This info is exactly what I'm looking for to maintain cars. Regards and stay safe, Frank
  6. I'm working on a 1941 pontiac torpedo 8 , and a 1946 packard clipper deluxe. I would like king pin, control arm pivot and possibly tie rod end numbers. Photo of pages would be great. Do you need my e-mail address? I appreciate your help. Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm looking for front suspension part number so I can search swap meets and internet with the correct replacement numbers. Moog and TRW I understand make replacement parts. Copies of the 1940's pages for Pontiac and Packard would be great. Interchange would also be helpful. Thanks for the quick reply
  8. Would someone have a vintage Moog suspension catalog covering the 1940's? I'm interested in some part numbers for Pontiac and Packard. Also maybe some cross-references. Thanks
  9. Don't know about repair--it is still in dash--thanks for reply
  10. I did and their grill was worse than mine. Thanks
  11. Thanks--I'll give them a call.
  12. I'm in need of a 1941 Pontiac speaker grill, all leads welcome. thanks
  13. I'm in need of the speaker grill for my 1941 Pontiac deluxe. Please provide any and all leads. Thanks
  14. I have a NOS set of spark plug wires for sale. The Delco number is 488-E. I believe this is a universal set. Wires marked 3Q79 Price is $40 shipped or best offer. Thanks
  15. Post can be closed---Thanks to Tom, my friend has partisan order and we can now get to working on the 31 Study. Thanks to all that responded.
  16. Tom, Thanks for the reply---notified friend regarding availability and pricing.
  17. Tom, Sent you an e-mail last nite requesting info. Thanks
  18. Is there a modern delco-remy distributor cap and rotor to replace the original on a 1931 Studebaker Dictator 8? If so part numbers please. Thanks in advance
  19. Years 2013 and 2014 have been donated. 2004 thru 2012 still available.
  20. I have a lot of Classic Car magazines from issue one to 2014. Prefer to sell all but would take $1.00 each plus shipping. If interested PM . Thanks Frank
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