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  1. Barry, sorry, I guess I wasn't clear that you want your entries removed. That being the case, I'll take care of it. As for setting up the contest with email verification, that was not the original vision. It certainly was not MY vision. I'm not going to air dirty laundry here, but that's a battle I lost. Still, as a public face of the contest, I apologize to anyone who walks away with negative feelings. I hope the majority have had some fun, since that's what the intent was all along.
  2. Damn, Don, wish I COULD meet you for a handshake. As it happens, we live in California's Central Valley. But if I come out your way, I'll let you know. Do the same if you're in my neck of the woods please. - Dan
  3. Sorry for the delay in my response. Check out the attached photo of a Wilson Bennett Long Distance. Looks just like it! Our historian found it at http://www.vintagegas.com/cgi-bin/emAlbum.cgi?c=show_image;p=Pumps/Pre-Visible%20Pumps;i=30;img=Wilson%20Bennett%20Long%20Distance.jpg
  4. And one more thing: There is no problem with getting your friends or organization to support you. Granted, it turns it into a bit of a popularity contest, but there is still time for the voting to reflect deserving winners. Good luck everyone!
  5. Hey guys, I was out of town last week, but let me reply: 1. We thought the public voting would differentiate the contest from others, while the judging panel would still give the contest some real legitimacy. We also thought it would be fun. 2. We trusted visitors to vote with integrity. I won't go into detail, but I lost an internal argument over whether to verify all emails. 3. We're keeping all votes that came from legitimate emails, and removing all votes from falsified emails. We're also removing all comments that malign other participants. 4. Voting a 1 or a 2 for a competitor won't help you because the voting is cumulative, not averaged, so you'd be better off not voting for your competitor at all. 5. Please don't think we're anti-Stude or pro-Stude or were trying to sway the contest toward or against anyone. We weren't, we aren't, and we wouldn't. We're like you. We just love cars. 6. Needless to say, we didn't see this coming. I want to apologize for a poor experience anyone is taking away from this. It was supposed to be fun! We'll take it as a learning experience, and I hope the winners will accept their prizes and that our customers won't bail on us for this. 7. I will be reviewing and responding to this forum, but you can also drop me a line at goldberg_jonas@yahoo.com (I'd give my work email, but my inbox is slammed, if you know what I mean). 8. Sorry for the long post. Thanks! Dan, Texaco.com Web Producer
  6. Hi Joe. I produce the Texaco.com web site, and I wanted to make you aware of our Texaco Car of the Decades contest. We're taking entries through September 3, and registration is free. http://www.TexacoCaroftheDecades.com Prizes include a VIP package for the Daytona 500, up to $500 in free gas, and an automotive artist's custom framed rendering of the winning car. Good luck! - Dan
  7. What a great piece of history! Here's a way to put it to good use. I produce the Texaco.com web site, and we're taking submissions through September 3 for our Texaco Car of the Decades online contest. Please visit our site at www.TexacoCaroftheDecades.com. Registration is free, and prizes include a VIP package to the Daytona 500, $500 in free gas, and an automotive artist's rendering of your horseless carriage. Thanks. I'll answer any questions you might have. - Dan
  8. I've never seen the Pegasus associated with our brand, but I will send this off right away. Thanks for sending it. What a great piece!
  9. Regarding the Dodsworth & Co. Ltd. piece, our historians looked through several catalogs and couldn't find that one. They confirm that it is from after 1930 from some reference material: "The launch of the Golden Motor Oil campaign in 1930 was the first marketing promotion of the Texas Oil Company in the UK and had been keenly awaited by employees. The graphic device, showint the oil pouring over Texaco's name, was to appear frequently in the company's promotional material."
  10. Funny, just got an email from a friend who does some writing for us about your posting. Great car! I'd love to see the mods you made to make it drivable for yourself!
  11. Here's somewhere else you should take your cars: Texaco Car of the Decades We're taking entries through September 3, then public voting through October 4, before a panel of judges chooses a Grand Prize winner. You could win a VIP package for the Daytona 500, a $500 gas card, and an automotive artist's framed rendering of you car. Please check it out, and send me any questions you might have. http://www.TexacoCaroftheDecades.com
  12. Our historian didn't recognize it, but said it's probably British based on the "LTD."
  13. Great! Good luck, and don't forget to vote starting September 4.
  14. I produce the Texaco.com web site for Chevron. Car enthusiasts, you have until September 4 to enter our online contest: Texaco Car of the Decades. Grand prize is VIP package to Daytona 500, $500 gas card and an artist's framed rendering of your car Sorry for the shameless plug (but it is pretty cool) TexacoCaroftheDecades.com
  15. Beautiful car! Texaco is running an online contest I think you should enter with this car: Visit http://www.TexacoCaroftheDecades.com and check it out. You can win a VIP package for the Daytona 500, a $500 gas card, and a custom framed automotive artist's rendering of your car.
  16. Beautiful! What good is it if you don't take it out and enjoy it? Texaco is running a contest that I think you should enter with this car. Visit http://www.TexacoCaroftheDecades.com. Check it out and see.
  17. I don't know offhand, but I'll find out. I produce the Texaco.com web site for Chevron, and I'll forward this to our historian. As a shameless plug, we're running an online contest: Texaco Car of the Decades. Entry at this URL is free, but it ends September 4. Public voting and an expert panel of judges will choose our winners, one of whom will get a VIP package to the Daytona 500 and a $500 gift card.
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