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  1. thanks for the support McHinson. You deserve better than you current bronze metal status. I also feel that my Lincoln is more deserving than the "Mutt' or mutant ford street rod? Just gave you a ten bud, if you cannot catch up, a return vote is appreciated.
  2. another texaco recorrection went into effect. give them credit for trying. i also think that having new voters confirm before voting finally removes the cheats. yes it is a popularity contest to get to the final 11, but judges using a spelled out formula will pick the final winner. I think TEXACO has listened to the people.
  3. Remember the goal is to show off your cars to others and possibly win a prize. i am glad that texaco took some action. is it enough? who knows but it showed that they have exerted some control. I continue to vist often and will until the end. i will give you a vote and comment mchinson at the end when it is all locked up.
  4. Well it looks like the texaco people have listened and acted. the ratings are changed. TWNCRGR lost close to 1300 points and many studebakers fell from the top spots.
  5. I am looking for (and would greatly appreciate any info on this lincoln car or this year of lincolns. i am looking for original factory manuals, repair manuals or just someone else who has an interest in this car. my is an all original model complete and running. would gladly share pics. emial me at geer1@aol.com Thank You Gary
  6. 1931 STUDEBAKER PRESIDENT 8 Dsp/HP Eng Fair Good Exc Show Loan SEDAN 1931-32 337/132 8C 7,000 13,000 19,000 23,000 C 12,000 COUPE RS 1931-32 337/132 8C 9,000 15,000 21,000 35,000 C 13,500 TOURING 1931-32 337/132 8C 35,000 50,000 70,000 95,000 C 45,000 ROADSTER RS () 1931-32 337/132 8C 46,000 60,000 87,000 134,200 C 54,000 Data updated March 2007 .
  7. Owner has had the car for over 40 years. Wants to sell it to a Studebaker enthusiast. Original motor, right side steering car. Car is blue with an open top. Car is in Whittier CA. Pics Available $22,000 Email Gary at Geer1@aol.com or Call 626 625-2385
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