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  1. I have a large assortment of Dupont Paint chip sheets for all years ranging from 1950-1973 All American makes and most imports of that era. I'm asking $10 per year or discount if you buy more than one set. Free shipping.. Email Aslayton1@gmail.com with any questions. Thanks
  2. A nice original seldom seen reference manual for 1942 Fords and also contains info on Lincoln & Mercury. All pages are there but the front cover is loose from the binding. Let me know if you'd like photos. $50.00 thanks
  3. A nice original shop manual dealing with the new Y-Block and other topics like pwer seats installing the plexiglas roof etc etc.. $25.00 Thanks
  4. I've got a nice original front sway bar that came off a 1931 Chevrolet. $50.00 or best offer, I can post pics later today thanks.
  5. That's a Ford 6cyl 215/223 cid head... used from 1952-64. Sometimes you'll find "EBP" cast on them. The head standing up in the second pic is a Y-Block Ford head 239-256-272-292-312 Variety.
  6. What if the frame is an original accessory? I have an NOS Ford license plate frame I plan to use on my '55 Ford Convert which will be judged in AACA.
  7. These are interchangeable with Ford so that may help widen your search a bit!
  8. I'm the same way.... I've got a couple Model A's and a few 50s Fords, but wanted a T just because of the Novelty factor. not to mention any dedicated Ford collector such as myself should have at least one Model T! I have a '21 Roadster in a bunch of pieces. I'm 29 years old and I get all kinds of comment when I drive one of the A's like "Is that your father's car?" etc... It throws them off when I say "it's mine and no i'm not street rodding it!"
  9. That looks good! I've got a start on a similiar trailer using a Model A front end someone years ago made a trailer from.
  10. Steve, what about old Motorcycle places? Early(1903-1920s) Harleys and Indians used a narrow tire not unlike that of a bicycle...
  11. What are you asking for the group? Or would you sell seperately? Thanks.
  12. Cheaper paint like Omni is junk....... Those numbers are not IM numbers..... Very simply their paint coding system, not to be confused with the old Intermix set up. Sometimes you can cross reference the numbers, but this is more common with numbers for modern cars. In some cases PPG numbers won't convert to DuPont numbers. etc.... most of the IM numbers you find now are worthless as the tint bases and mixing ratios have changed.
  13. I had the same problem as you.... The Fairlane Forums were all for 60s cars... I've got '55 and '56 Fords. Traded off a '55 Ranch Wagon a few years back, now I'm kicking myself!
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