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  1. We make exact reproductions of these Splitdorf coils for the Model N. Photos available. Email me if interested. Regards R.V. Anderson, Kennedy, NY
  2. Well now, gents, I don't think we should abandon all hope. Last summer, my high school buddy's daughter got married and my '14 T was in the wedding along with a Ford V-8 replica, a '65 Mustang, and a '67 Pontiac. After the photos at the lake, the kids all re-distributed themselves among the cars for the ride back to the reception. The guys all made for the late-model stuff; the girls ran them over "claiming" the T. Of course, maybe it was me and not the car.
  3. Since my new boss has decided that my old contract has changed its words, I am no longer allowed to attend Hershey. :mad: Until I can get a new job somewhere else, I'm being forced to "dump" the Hershey spaces :mad: I've had for 12 years. My brother wants them. How do I transfer them into his name? Seems like I recall something about both of us appearing at the Hershey Region tent and having it notarized. Can anyone shed light on this? Thanks.
  4. I should also mention that the concrete is wire-mesh reinforced, the building is ventless-gas heated in the winter and a/c'd in the summer with year-round dehumidification. With good gutters and downspouts that strategically funnel rainwater away from the building, toward the away-slope of the land, I have had no cracking in its 9 years of life thus far.
  5. My 30 x 40 shop floor is concrete, with a single layer of 6-mil poly as a vapor barrier. As soon as the troweling was finished, we hosed as much water onto the surface as we could get to stay on it and covered it with another layer of 6-mil, seams taped. Left it on for 30 days to harden the concrete. The contractor had no problems whatever with our choices.
  6. Dandy, a good T mag can easily put out 30 volts+ AC at speed. Idling voltage is around 6-8.
  7. TRANSUNION'S LAW If 3 others have the same name as you, and one of them has bad credit, his report will always appear under your name.
  8. The early issues of the Model T Times, an award-winning publication today, were mimeographed.
  9. My dad went through this back in '05. He had picked up an original '23 T coupe, made in Canada. The seller had gotten all the Canadian legal paperwork done beforehand that he could do, like a bill of sale which Dad then signed on picking the car up, and some other things too. When we arrived at the border, the US customs guy just said "Wow" and asked some questions about the car and where we got it. We had the papers handy but he didn't even ask for them. No problem. Now, getting it registered in NY was a problem but it shouldn't have been. The NY DMV just didn't have all their facts. Dad was told that he had to load up the car and drive it all the way back to the border to get "entry papers" and that he would also need an emissions statement. Further, he would have to pay duty and show proof of that to the DMV. Dad was furious and he doubted that they knew what they were talking about, though it was their job to know. So he went over their heads to a head customs official in Buffalo. When he heard what Dad had been told, the official scoffed at the underlings' statements and told Dad that he need do nothing of the kind. The vehicle was too old to pay duty on, was exempt from emissions papers, and no entry papers were needed for cars over (something like) 10 years old. Armed with the new information, he went back to the DMV and walked out with his transferable NYS registration.
  10. Susan, I thank you for your kind words ("you seem OK to me"), which are proof that you don't know me very well!!!!
  11. Well, as usual, it's a case of myself not keeping with the brave new litigous world. Now I read that a MS senator wants to keep me and my kind out of his state's restaurants. Fine by me.
  12. My elderly parents in law experienced a blowout while driving their Jeep Cherokee. The doughnut was flat. Since there was a chain tire store not too far away, Triple A towed them there. Once there, the counter guy declared that on a 4WD vehicle, it was "too unsafe" to replace a single tire and announced that he would only replace all 4. He readily admitted that the remaining tires were in fine condition with lots of tread but said it's "corporate policy" that all 4 tires must be replaced on any 4 wheel drive vehicle. So they used all their ready funds and got 4 new tires for almost a grand. I have never heard of this "safety issue" before and wonder if it's true, or if my parents-in-law, who were over a barrel at the time, weren't being ripped off.
  13. Model T floorboards of that era were ash. HTH.
  14. When one of my uncles on the other side of the family got married, his youngest brother, a teenager then, smeared limburger on the exhaust manifolds of his 8 cyl Chrysler. He and his wife never did get rid of the smell, even after steamcleaning the engine. They finally sold the car. Now, that's not a prank; that's vandalism; so, bearing that in mind, we wanted something that could be easily put right afterwards. Anyway, it beat Plan A which was to purchase a piglet and some straw and bed the critter down in back of the capped pickup bed. Since the back was already loaded with luggage, etc., it most likely wouldn't have been discovered until they were NOT in a position to have done anything about it. My animal-loving cousin would not have just tossed it away; her meat-shop owner husband would want to make dinner out of it, and we pictured a sort of lively discussion taking place. I think somebody vetoed the idea for fear that some luggage might have been made pungent by the porker's potty needs...
  15. My cousin was married in January in NY during the worst blizzard of the year, preventing her groom's entire family from attending (they lived in MI). His only attendee was the best man. We were wondering how in the world to gain access to his little Toyota pickup. During the reception, held in the church basement, the truck had to be moved for a snowplow. He tossed me the keys and asked me to take care of it. We removed the truck's heater duct hoses from the vents and placed open containers of limburger in them before putting the ducts back. They stayed there for the whole honeymoon. Welcome to the family.
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