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  1. No it isn't. Belonged to Nash collector Fenton Meredith for many years.
  2. 1954 Nash-Healey Coupe: Plate data - Body # 13583, Chassis # 3083, Motor # NHA1306 This car was purchased by a longtime Nash collector and stored since 1970 – the history before this is unknown. Originally painted green. Overall good condition with some rust in the usual places such as rocker panels. It does not have the original engine (currently Ambassador engine A267756M). All the glass and trim pieces are in good condition. Comes with the following: Extra twin carburetor iron head, two Carter carburetors, new windshield, new weatherstripping, extra restored radio, new taillight lenses, new hood catch/release, rebuilt steering wheel, front and rear bumpers re-chromed, gas tank flushed and coated, new grille emblem, two new radio plates, new hood and trunk prop rods, new torque tube stabilizer trunnion, faux quarter panels vents re-chromed, as well as other small parts. Asking $39,500. Contact me for more info. Located near Hagerstown, MD. More pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/5c31mh7M78rXjjBq8 Dan Russell
  3. I have six copies of James Bellamy's book "Cars Made in Upstate New York". All are new and in the original shrink wrap. $40 each plus shipping Thanks, Dan dfrussell@hotmail.com
  4. We've run out of storage space and something had to go, after 2 years of debating and moving cars around it has been decided we don't drive the Model T enough so we are hoping someone else will love it like we have The T has been in our family since 1964, a great running car Asking $12,000
  5. Our '03 Franklin has atmospheric intake valves. Although it's not hard to crank like you mentioned, getting it to perform is an art with the right spring tension and valves.
  6. Isn't that interesting...this is my Olympic coupe being restored at Wendling's also.
  7. There have been many many period pictures posted on the Facebook group "Franklin Automobile Enthusiasts". I would encourage anyone interested in Franklin Automobiles and the Franklin company to join.
  8. Olympic33

    What is it??

    That is the Startix backfire switch. The function is to break the ignition circuit if a backfire occurs. It is part of the Startix system used in '32 and up including Olympic cars.
  9. On the sill on the floor. Dietrich Inc, Detroit, MI
  10. Craig, Look at ACN 38 page 12 where Tom Hubbard discusses production numbers for Speedsters. Although it's not a definitive account of production, it's the best I've seen so far. Dan
  11. My 336 Phaeton has a woodgrained windshield frame. I can't say for certain that this is correct but it's a reference for you. Dan
  12. Hi Sean, The Washington County Rural Heritage Museum here in Hagerstown has at least two Dagmar cars on display. I recently donated a book on the history of the Dagmar automobile to them and I'm sure they have even more information. They can be contacted through here: https://www.washco-md.net/rural-heritage-museum/exhibits/transportation-methods/ The museum has a nice collection of unusual cars that they have on display including locally made early bicycles. Thanks, Dan
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