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  1. Roger, The last time I posted was in 2012. Sitting here at home tonight, and seeing a photo of a MKII someone posted on Facebook, I happened to think of you building this car, and had to check in. Aside from first being surprised I remembered my login credentials to this forum, I am pleasantly surprised you are still at it! Is there a part of me that expected to see the finished car? Naively the answer is yes. But believe me, I am not disappointed in the least! Sincerely, Dale
  2. I'll be 52 this coming April, and own a '70 Riviera. Other Rivieras I've owned in the past are listed in my signature below.
  3. Restored by my Father Russell Bjorklund of New Brighton, MN during the early 80's.Sold to a Dr. Schultz of Buffalo, N.Y. in late 1991 or early 1992.Whereabouts currently unknown.Car is featured on page 331 of the book "The Classic Car" published by the CCCA.
  4. Still watching the progress Roger. This is the only thread on any board I have ever subscribed to for updates, it's that good! Really looking forward to seeing the body come together!
  5. I recall seeing a fair number of the Impalas back then. Maybe even Caprices? But don't recall ever seeing a Vega or Nova decked out that way.
  6. Still following this. Hard to add to what has been said so far. Still wowed by it!
  7. This is one of the best threads on here in quite some time.
  8. I see it was sold by Swanberg-Sheefe in Mpls. They are long gone now, but do remember them.
  9. Roger, These models must have some weight to them when finished. What does say the Avanti or Toronado models you created weigh? Looking forward to your next update!
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