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  1. My '49 sedanet trunk lock works differently than Dan's description. The handle is turned only 90 degrees CCW to open - the 3:00 position. Also, and I don't know if this is normal, the key cannot be removed while unlocked. It must be re-locked to remove the key.
  2. Not sure how correct this is. It appears to have been replaced at some time a long time ago. On mine the slightly longer peice is attached to the body down to a bit past halfway. The slightly shorter piece is attached to the rear of the trunk lid. There is a rough taper where they overlap.
  3. The quarter stainless mouldings are beat up pretty good. Found a pair of gravel guards on ebay for cheap that needed restoration, so I bought these to work on as optional replacements. They weren't any better than what's on the car but it gives me some insurance against failure during the repairs. I've managed to work all the dents out of this one. Next is to see if I can weld up all the DPO holes without destroying it.
  4. Still waiting its turn in the restoration/repair queue. Car runs and drives good as is, but the Dynaflow outflow is measured in miles per gallon.
  5. Thought of making this a "Show us your..." thread, but I concluded that it wouldn't get too many examples. So just posting this up to share. Here's my 1940s Benett 646 gas pump. Don't know whether it originally came in Buick livery or if it was dressed up by a former owner.
  6. Trailer bus? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trailer_bus
  7. Now if he could just hunt me down one of those 49 sedanet rear fender spears...
  8. Layden, those are neat! I recently replaced the pan gasket on my 65 Ford Mustang and was delighted to discover that the gasket came with a set of plastic guide tools very similar to those you have. They really helped with the installation. I never knew that it was an old idea and that there were genuine tools made for that purpose.
  9. One reason for no 15" wheel offering might be related to the Skylark wheel being a 4-bolt. Bolt pattern is 4x114.
  10. Have you seen the '63 brochure? http://www.oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/Buick/1963_Buick/1963_Buick_Trim_Size/dirindex.html Apparently the options list was quite extensive. Don't see any period photos with RH side mirror, but the LH side in your photos resembles the stock US mirror. Dual mirrors were not very common then but the RH mirror in your photos appears to match the LH.
  11. I need one of those too for my 49 Sedanet. Found the current link to these parts: https://allcads.com/product/1949-cadillac-door-latch-repair-part/
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