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  1. That rumbling noise sounds like the rear end. Remember you said it was dry and making a scraping sound before.
  2. This is original paint on my 49 super. Not body color but some shade of gray. Can't tell you about the body tag because mine was repainted once and I think the tag may have been painted over too. (black).
  3. Hi Wilfred. Mine is missing the bumpers too. Not much else in there, but here's a picture. I hope it helps. let me know if you'd like a different angle or detail.
  4. Speaking of the ghost in the machine... I just got a neat letter from the nice lady that sold me the new NOS tail lights. It turns out that these were purchased from the estate of the late "Wasted" Willie Glass. Apparently these were considered of value to him (based on how they were wrapped and stored?) Since he was mostly a Ford guy I wonder what he had in mind for these. So I guess a little part of Willie lives on in the '49. Well, I suppose he did have a lot of little parts... Thanks Willie for saving these for my car!
  5. Any updates on this? Just two pictures? Show us more!
  6. Interested in the gravel shield if it is the right (passenger) side.
  7. Thanks guys for the encouragement! This car seems to have a ghost. Seriously. It's the little old lady original owner that is very jealous and protective of 'her' car. And as far as she's concerned it's still hers. At first she didn't like me touching it even. She approves that I've been taking good care of it though now and keeping it garaged. At first she was not enthusiastic about the new lights when the old ones were "still perfectly good!" But I think she's starting to like the idea--I told her it was something like getting new pairs of shoes, and that I'd still keep the originals. That
  8. And then a day at the local Fathers Day car show.
  9. I'm on a roll! A pair of NOS front turn signal lenses found their way onto the car. The originals were age cracked like the rears.
  10. Ohoh, now you've done it. A shiny bumper needs a shiny grill which needs a...
  11. There hasn't been much happening with my 49 for quite a while. I've been busy finishing the workshop which will ultimately have a car lift. I'm putting off pulling the leaky Dynaflow out until then. In the meantime I've driven the car a few times, but it leaks so badly that it's really not practical to drive. Mostly I just sit in it in the garage and soak up the vibe. I do have one new development. I came across a set of very nice nearly NOS taillight lenses and bezels. These look like they have never been used but there is a tiny bit of shelf wear. So now my question is, does installing th
  12. Maybe this will help: http://forums.aaca.org/f163/1949-super-sedanette-wiring-dash-restoration-380000.html
  13. How was the engine stored during all those years since the rebuild? Was it bagged or sealed so that no dirt could get in? All openings completely sealed? If not I'd advise tearing it back down enough to flush out all the dust, dirt, and grit that may have gotten in, and re-assemble with assembly lube. I had a long-stored engine that was rebuilt before storage die a quick death due to grit that had somehow gotten in.
  14. Nice cabinets! Is this for the "Sales and Service" garage? That's too big of a job for spray cans. I'd get me some cans of Rustoleum (not spray); blue, green, and white, and do a little experimental mixing to create color palette to find the right shade. Keep count of how many drops of each for each color sample so you can reproduce the ratio in volume. Mix up your custom Rustoleum color, thin it with acetone to spraying viscosity, and spray away with a low priced HF gun.
  15. Ten, in this order: 61 Special wagon 62 Special wagon 63 Special sedan 63 Wildcat sedan 63 Wildcat coupe 69 Riviera GS 62 Skylark convertible 82 Century coupe 84 Skyhawk 49 Super Sedanet
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