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  1. From my resources it appears as thought serial number 99T-604417 is a true 1944. The 1944 production started at 99T-583001 and went up. The 1945 production started at either 99C-623330 or 99T-623330 so based upon that it would appear that you have a true 1944. Also in these years the Fords motor/engine number matched the frame number originally. If your truck has an engine the number will be located back on the top of the bellhousing ... if it matches then you have the original engine!
  2. Not sure how you can get much larger that that log truck. Maybe a Challenger but since most of those are in BC and Australia I don't think we will see one of those at Hershey!
  3. What a great show. The folks couldn't have been nicer. It was awesome to have had the opportunity to enjoy this show. Hats off to the organizers!! Well done!
  4. On the way from Penna! Bringing a '56 190SL, class 25A. I'll be in Hershey in 36b with my '67 Camaro (yellow on yellow) that I just finished.
  5. This is a scam. I had the same message sent to me earlier this year when I was selling a race car. They wanted a vehicle history report. I responded that the car was a race car and the vehicle history report would be useless ... they continued to insist. Then I looked it up and noticed it was a scam.
  6. To the best of my knowledge turn signals were not federally mandated until January 1, 1968 with the passage of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966. They were however, as many of us know standard equipment long before that. With respect to Pennsylvania. 67 Pa. Code § 175.66(m) (as authorized by 75 Pa. C.S.A. §4303) specifically states that "Antique vehicle lighting exemption. An antique vehicle, if operated exclusively between the hours of sunrise to sunset and not during periods of reduced visibility or insufficient illumination, is exempt from requirements of this sect
  7. It looks somewhat like a Thomas 60hp, however the body isn't quite the same although the chassis design seems similiar. The hoodsides on a 60hp Thomas were louvered where these are flat. The front coil springs seem to be an afterthought and probably aren't factory original. The steering column seems to be at too much of an angle for a Thomas, but nonetheless what an interesting photo!
  8. I would highly recommend not going with a "title company" to assist you with this problem. Colorado is one of the few states that require that a Certificate of Title exchange hands when a car is purchased. See 42-6-109. If no title goes with the car, then the purchaser has very reduced legal rights in the car and it could be a misdemeanor. See 42-6-110. I know this may be contrary to custom and practice, but it is the law in some states. Title situations are not to be taken lightly. With this said, your best bet may be to apply for a bonded title under the following section. 42-6-115. Fur
  9. Good morning! I’m working on a research project concerning Pennsylvania title numbers. I’m trying to assemble a spreadsheet containing the Pennsylvania title number and the date it was issued so that we can better understand how and when Pennsylvania issued certain title numbers and in what format they were issued. I have a pretty good list so far and am beginning to see some patterns but need assistance with the older cars the most. If you have an old car titled in Pennsylvania or an old Pennsylvania Certificate of Title you can help. I am in need of: The "Title Number" date the titl
  10. My first guesses where an '04 Thomas or Packard, but the hoods are different. The radiators all have that basic bell out at the frame, but that is where the similarities stop.
  11. What exactly are you looking to learn about the car? They didn't make many and are desirable as this was the first year Camaro convertibles were factory produced by Chevrolet since the 1969 model year.
  12. The use of the legal system naturally requires some legal skill, knowledge and ability, not unlike the restoration of an automobile. It is possible that lay person could get through the legal system, but someone trained in the law will make that trip much easier (albeit at an expense that person). I don't believe that the question of whether or not the declaration of ownership of an automobile is within the jurisdiction of a district justice has been settled yet. This is a question which seems unsettled by my reading of the law. Accordingly, anyone who takes this route should take it with caut
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