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  1. Thanks for the information Is there a site to enter this serial number and following the life of the truck? I would be interested to see if it was a WWII truck. My father entered in December of 41 and came home in June of 45. Also is there a place to find the original build plant, paint color, other patent information. thanks
  2. Thanks for all the comments. Yes, the serial number as I understand is the identification number for the truck. Where do I find the history of this serial number? The war era information does not show up on most serial number or VIN sites.
  3. I purchased a 1944 1.5 ton Ford truck. I am beginning the stages of restoration and I am trying to find where to look and what to do. My goal is to leave it as original as possible and use it as my “going to town” from the farm truck. I do want to make it so that I can run locally on the highway, so I will have to put an overdrive or do something with the rear end. No hot rod here. I found the serial number today which was on the frame. *99T-604417*, I think it was called a 49T, 100hp,V8. I have searched for information on the VIN, but given that it is War era, I must not be looking in t
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