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  1. If anyone is looking for a Riviera with more power than the standard under-powered 307 Olds V8 (140 HP) try finding a 84/85 Riviera "T" type. It has the 3.8 L Turbo V6 with sequential port fuel injection rated at 190 HP. and was the same basic engine that was used in the Regal Grand National and Regal "T" type. That engine was rated at 200 HP in the Regal GN but was detuned slightly for the front wheel drive Riviera. I've owned my '85 since new (it's not for sale), and it certainly doesn't lack for power. A great car for long distance touring (think Buick Driving Enthusiasts tours). Gets about 23-24 mpg on the highway (premium fuel) Might be hard to find one, since they only produced 1069 out of a total run of 64,136 for the '85 model year. They also produced 400 Riviera convertibles with the Turbo V6.
  2. Seller (not me) is open to all offers. Give it a shot.
  3. Probably around the appraisal figure, but best to contact the owner. His contact information is in the original post.
  4. Not Mine. A friend has 2 very nice cars which belonged to his father and stepfather, a 1988 Buick LeSabre and a 1994 Cadillac Sedan Deville. I've included his descriptions of each car, along with detailed appraisal reports on each car. For additional information along with extensive photo's for the cars, here is his contact information. John, 810-694-9087, or jo.la.crawford@comcast.net. Cars are located in Grand Blanc, Michigan. He would like to see the cars go to hobbyist, who would appreciate them for what they are, before advertising them to the general public. 1988 Buick LeSabre 4 Door Sedan - Dark cranberry red with velour interior, very clean inside and out. No dents. Car has a high percentage of the options available in 1988, and everything works. Purchase and maintenance documentation is available. Less than 78,000 miles. His dad was original owner, and he is the second owner. Car has been very well maintained and has been stored for the past 16 winters. Original purchase and complete maintenance documentation has been kept by owners. Extensive appraisal photos are available upon request. 2016 appraisal report is attached. 1994 Cadillac Sedan DeVille - Dark blue with cream colored leather interior, very clean inside and out. Interior is almost showroom perfect. No dents. Car has a high percentage of the options available in 1994, and everything works. Less than 44,000 miles. His stepdad was original owner, and he is the second owner. Car has been very well maintained and has been stored for the past 14 winters, previous to that it was driven very little in the winter. Original purchase and complete maintenance documentation has been kept by owners. Extensive appraisal photos are available upon request. 2016 appraisal report is attached.
  5. Not mine, haven't seen it. Owner is a friend of Joe T. 2nd owner, all original, no filler, no rust, most of its life in Texas, fresh 401 (by Joe Taubitz), in primer ready for paint, original black on black, needs interior done. Asking $19,000 or best offer. Contact owner for additional information. Grand Blanc, MI 810-577-8278
  6. This is a photo taken around 1956-57 of a family trip from Flint Michigan to the Black Hills of South Dakota, by way of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There were four adults and three children on the trip. It was my uncles Buick, and pictured are my Aunt and Cousin. It was the middle of July and no air conditioning! ? I can't remember how long it took, but we survived!
  7. I don't know how many of you are members of AACA, but if you are, be sure to check out the AACA Executive Directors column in the July/August issue of the AACA publication "Antique Automobile", titled "Creating Destiny". There are some good thoughts about the current state (and creating the future) of car clubs in general. Also, in the same issue, there is an excellent "letter to the editors" column from the editor of a smaller regional car club, "Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts", relative to the success of their club. I think that the writer makes some good points concerning the attraction of small regional car clubs, and possibly some of the reasons why larger clubs such as the AACA (and others) are having problems in attracting & keeping new and younger members. I think that both columns raise some good points. Dave
  8. It's a '38 series 40 convertible coupe. Last year for the rumble seat.
  9. Larry, I contacted the family and they could not find any photo's of the car before or after it was restored. Looks like this may be a dead end.
  10. Larry, that is the engine number specified in the letters that I have. I'm going to contact the family of the owner that had the car here, and see if they have any old photo's of the car. That might help identify it. Should have thought of that before. Dave
  11. David, looks like I have to be registered with Yahoo to post something on the Brass Buicks group, and I'm not interested in registering with Yahoo. The engine number is 1001. Maybe you can post that information on the Brass Buicks yahoo group. Dave
  12. Larry, I have some correspondence that lists an engine number. That's what I would use to verify the current owner of the car if found. Dave
  13. While helping a friend dispose of various things after his father-in-law passed away several years ago, we ran across a pack of letters which was correspondence between his father-in-law and a lady in Springfield Mass. concerning an early Buick that had been stored in a barn on her property. He was interested in buying it and the correspondence went back and forth. Finally an agreement to purchase the car (if it was mostly complete) for $50.00 was made (this was in 1948), and the car was brought back to his residence in Atlas, Michigan (about 15 miles from Flint). The original owner listed the car as a 1907 runabout, but the new owner listed it as a 1908 or 1909. The car was fixed up (the new owner also had a Model T Ford), and we believe that he eventually sold it sometime in the 60's. No record exists as to who purchased the car at that time. I would like to pass along all of this correspondence to the current owner if he or she can be found. I do have a piece of paper that lists the engine number of the Buick, so that would be the manner that the current owner (if there is one) could document their ownership of this Buick. I hope someone can help. I'd like to see this correspondence end up with the car, where ever it is.
  14. OK. First snow in Goodrich (near Flint) today. Time to get the winter Buick out!
  15. It may not look pretty, but this Buick will get you to the grocery store pretty quick!
  16. How about a F-54! From the looks of the port holes, it must be a V-12.
  17. Found this '57 Buick in Michigan's Upper Peninsula a while back. It has the rare 4-wheel drive snowplow option. Lots of snow up there!
  18. Well, here's a "Winter Buick" in Michigan. Snug as a bug in a rug! Hurry up Spring!! Dave
  19. JC, years ago I needed to replace my oil bath air cleaner material on my '41.. I found woven stainless steel kitchen pot scrubbers worked just fine. It takes several, but they are not expensive, and when packed in, they almost looked like the original material. They get coated with oil from the oil bath and trap (theoretically) the dust. You can probably find them at most stores that carry kitchen supplies. Dave
  20. How about member # 2098. I was a member of the original BCCA (Buick Collectors Club of America) back in 1963. I joined the BCCA after I bought my '41 Buick (which I still own), which was my daily driver during my senior year at General Motors Institute (GMI, now Kettering University) in Flint, MI. (How I ended up with a '41 Buick as my daily driver is another story). A year after the BCCA died in 1965, I got an invitation in the mail to join a new club, the BCA. I didn't join right away, since I wanted to make sure that the new club was going to survive (looks like it did!). I did finally join the BCA, around 1967. Attached are a couple of photo's of my '41 at a GMI car show put on by the college car club (the Firebirds) in 1964. I won first place in the stock sedan class (of course there were only two cars in that class!). As you can see, the car show was in the old gymnasium. The other photo is a picture of the '41 at a local park in 1964, when I was dating my future wife (on the left). We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last year!
  21. This year the Sloan Museum celebrated it's 50th year with it's annual Summer Auto Show last weekend. It was a 2 day event with over 700 cars registered, along with many feature vehicles that you rarely see (including Buicks of course). This was also the first time that the general public was able to see the recently completed restoration of the museum's 1953 Skylark. This was a Flint built car that was owned by a Flint family prior to it's ownership by the Museum. It's a beautiful restoration, mostly by museum volunteers (including many Buicktown Chapter members) over several years. Also on display was the GM Futurliner and the GM Firebirds I, II, and III. I've included a few of the photo's from the show. You'll probably recognize Larry's Buick truck (minus engine). It was a great weekend!
  22. Dale, here is another BUICK BUG. It's a bronze sculpture. I can't remember where I got the photo. Looking forward to seeing the progress on your "BUG". It should be pretty impressive in your large scale. Dave
  23. Dale, I sent you an e-mail. Let me know if you received it. Dave