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  1. Thanks Lamar, it's great to hear the encouragement. The buyer was a nice guy and I said to him that I would be interested in the car's progress, so he will hopefully keep me updated. I will still have an enthusiasm for Buick, I will keep reading the books and hopefully down the track I will have my '57 Roadmaster. It has been an interesting experience having the Super, I did get my 1 ride which I will treasure the memory. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  2. Unfortunately I have just sold the car, it doesn;t really suit me at the moment to be restoring it, so I handed it on to a guy who can do something with it. I have sold it for $500 less than I bought it, but at least it has gone to an enthusiast. The first guy who came to look at it was expecting a perfect car - they want it both ways, the classic look but modern facilities.
  3. I spotted this magazine in the shop today and I imediately bought it. The magazine is called "Unique Cars" which is one of the main magazines over here. '58 Limited is the cover story. Buick did well to get a cover story which usually goes to Jaguar, Ferrari, Porsche etc. It gets good coverage, with plenty of photos and a 6 page story where the owner tells how he picked it up in Kansas. check out this link (go to bottom of the page) > http://uniquecars.carpoint.ninemsn.com.a...topDefault.aspx
  4. she's a very nice car. I think it put into perspective what a nice design they were when one of my club's members had his wagon of that model on display and that was very nice. Wagon's don't usually impress me much, but it has a nice shape.
  5. hello guys, my branch of the Australian club, Queensland Buick club, has just launched our new website. It's still got a bit of work to be done, but it's good to finally be on the web, the other Aussie states have had theirs for awhile. please check it out. here's the adress > http://www.buickcarclubaustralia.com/
  6. that is quite sad, you American's really should be more proud of your old cars, I don't think there would be many Ferrari's crushed in Italy. I suppose 1 positive way of looking at it, my car just became 1 rarer in terms of '56 Buick's.
  7. I wish I could go, that event sounds great, but unfortunately I am on the other side of the world <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> Hope you enjoy yourself!
  8. That is a beauty. I'm sure a bidding frenzy will happen in the last hour of the auction, that seems to be the standard situation. I paid $9000 Australian for my '56 Super, which would work out to a similar price to what that Roadmaster is on now.
  9. I saw a Riviera which was from circa early 70's and the badge said "Riviera" and under that it said "by Buick". I was wondering about the thinking behind this. Was it at a time when the name Buick may have been tarnished and they didn't want to mention it too heavily? I also wonder if you know of any other models like this, or any which Buick isn't mentioned at all?
  10. the football team that I play for is the Bears, so whenever I am in my Buick there is a Bear inside. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  11. What are you using as a guide to say that particular car is a Special? If it's just the door, then that door could be just from the wrecker's.
  12. no matter what you think of it, wouldn't Boattail be worthy of inclusion? pretty amazing design. You could also add the 1st car to have dynaflow too, I'm not sure which that was though. To the guy who thought the '50 grill was great, what about the '58, over 100 individual squares.
  13. From the album: Member Galleries

    superb car
  14. From the album: Member Galleries

    60's wagon
  15. My Super is a 4-holer as well. I think Special was the only 3-holer, but don't quote me on that.
  16. I hate to make rules as I just wanted it to be a fun discussion, but I was hoping for just Buick's. Maybe you or someone can start a topic about favorite make of car other than Buick. Sorry for confusion.
  17. Hello, I've done posts on this forum for quite a while but I have never come into this section. I am a member of the Australian club, Queensland division. I have made a post about my car in the "me and my buick" section" of the forum. regards, Aaron
  18. I was thinking it could be an interesting game/activity on here to think of telling everyone the 1 car that you would own if you could only have 1 (for some it may be possible, but I will probably have to just imagine). Feel free to add as many specifications as you want, I just did all I could think of. I would say a '57 2-door roadmaster riviera, yellow exterior, black and white checkers interior.
  19. this makes our nationals in Australia seem quite impressive to reach almost 100 don't you think? Considering that any cars post- '76 were non-existent (cars have to be at least 30 years old to leave them left-hand drive)
  20. Know of any examples of celebrities owning/driving a Buick? In Australia around the 50's/60's era it was the prime minister's car (although it's debatable over wether they deserve celebrity status)
  21. noah_fexx


    I saw on a sports report on the news about the Buick Championship golf tournament. Does this tournament have much meaning to you? Do you check it out because of the name of it, or is it just another excuse for GM to spend some money on advertising when maybe they could be doing better designs? To me I don't feel that modern day Buick really represents what I liked about the brand, but I still find it interesting to see the name whenever I can.
  22. I took it for a drive today - my 1st ever drive of a Buick, I was VERY happy! waited almost a year for this moment. Got a few looks from pedestrians, I suppose any classic cars will do that won't it.
  23. just out of interest, what is the most you have ever heard of being paid for a Buick? Maybe it was that '53 that howard hughes owned?
  24. They are offering a cash transaction in person so I doubt it. I almost went through with 1, only thing that tsopped me because it was very suspicious, the seller was apparently in USA but wanted me to put the money into an account in Indonesia!!! Is it the price that makes this ad suspicious? looks a lot nicer than what the current bid has it at. It says that they rotate the tires every 3000 miles, that seems a bit excessive doesnt it?
  25. my local club, Buick Club of Queensland, is having our annual show on July 9, so I will post some photos of this event. Last year Cadillac joined the show, and they are with us again, so I am quite lucky having my 2 favorite brands together. Make sure to keep an eye out on this forum for my report of our show.
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