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  1. Folks, there was an error in the printed version of the Inquirer and corrections have been made to the online story. This is a very historic moment for our club, and we want to make sure everyone has the story correct. Our official statement at this time is as follows : Earlier today, The Philadelphia Inquirer released an exciting story announcing the transfer of the Philadelphia Free Public Library's entire automotive reference collection to the AACA Library and Research Center and the Simeone Museum. Unfortunately, there was an error in the original story which incorrectly refere
  2. Unfortunately this is rather incomplete. For those who wish to see a more well rounded account, I encourage them to read the posts Matt Hinson suggests...there is more to come.
  3. Hi Glenn, Hope things are going well down in Danville. Our newly elected Governor does also own a big block Corvette. We are in the process of getting him a membership. Thanks for always keeping the hobby out front in your thoughts Best, Tom
  4. AACA does have a very attractive Mileage Award Program which recognizes those who drive AACA accepted vehicles, so in essence we do have a grille badge which anyone would be proud to put on their car,...even snowflakes ; ) . If you go to the website AACA.ORG click on member info and then click Mileage Award Program on the drop down menu. That will take you to the necessary paperwork to obtain the AACA Mileage Award Badge. Its done on the honor system, but as you reach each driving milestone you can apply to receive additional stars to put on the badge representing how many miles you have drive
  5. The Museum Board in addition to being self appointed, may remove a sitting Board member for any reason whatsoever (neither is conducive to good practice in my opinion). In this case, the Museum leadership never bothered to contact me regarding their intentions or reasoning. They did however have one of their members call to ask if I was attending that particular meeting, which I was not. I'm sure they were emboldened by my absence. I might add that I have since found their vote was not unanimous. In absentia, the Museum leadership elected to shoot the messenger, but never had the f
  6. The third party or overseers to which you refer was part of the proposed governance structure of the Letter of Intent to merge the two entities. Of course, as you know, the club Board voted that down. There is no third party oversight at the Museum. Additionally, the Museum Board is not elected by the Museum Membership, but are selected and appointed by their own nominations committee comprised of Museum Board members. In essence they appoint themselves and are beholding only to themselves as a practical matter. The Museum has members, but they have no voting power unlike the membership o
  7. Bob while I'm an infrequent poster here as I still work 50 + hours a week, I first joined this club at age 13, and am a lifetime AACA member. In recent years I have followed your posts . You always appear to be reasonable, but your comments here compel me to respond to your suppositions which are ill founded. You apparently have missed the point that our entire merger committee on the club side volunteered to step aside and delegate negotiations to a third party non board affiliated group of members, many of whom are substantial advocates for and donors to the Museum. We in fact asked the Mu
  8. Bob, First I have to say that the Museum is in fact a nice facility. However, the real estate is not as free of encumbrances as you may think, due to local zoning requirements. Second, there have been ongoing discussions over many years by many Board Members on both sides regarding a merger. The club prefers a merger in which the membership has equity in the Museum and at the same time allows their Board to run it independently as subsidiary. That was not satisfactory to the Museum Board. Third, if you want a witch hunt then you'd better assume that none of us who volunteer at our expens
  9. How right you are about that!! Thanks! We will keep pitching and hitting .
  10. Thanks to all of you for the feedback ,and support/suggestions we have received from everyone publicly and privately. As I have said before, the learning curve in front of the camera was quick and steep. We definitely tried hard to improve with every segment. Anyhow, we appreciate your indulgence and will take the good with the bad, but appreciate the positive response we've received thus far regarding last nights episode. I know we wont make everyone happy all of the time, but we do want to earn your support through improvement. I have had quite a few inquiries about the club, so that is a po
  11. I thought perhaps it might be helpful for me to comment on this, given that I could take constructive critique back to the producer, and also speak from a vantage point which is vastly different for obvious reasons. I have perused the forums regularly for years, but seldom got too much into the fray outside of pushing for action on Legislative issues affecting the hobby,...the main reason being that some of you guys seem to wake up on the wrong side of the bed too often and love to complain. Much of that contention is supported by the fact that none of you who are grousing the most have emaile
  12. Episodes are available through discoverygo.com on the morning after the initial showing of each episode. Thanks.
  13. Point well taken on the suggestion related to the music. I've already passed the input here along, and I believe it would receive the attention you would like in a second season.
  14. In response to your requests, The Appraisers is now available on demand via streaming at https://discoverygo.com/the-appraisers/for those who do not get the Velocity channel. Thanks for watching.
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