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  1. Great.....I will begin putting together a new format. There will be a For Sale and Wanted section, for parts and cars, as well as a section for reproductions. I would like to for Brush owners needing the same part to be able pool together to have them cast as a group. Anyone who might wish to receive the newsletter, please send an email to Brushrunabout@gmail.com. When I have it put together, classifieds will be sent to the same address monthly for the following months publication. Photos of restorations and projects underway would be great. Have a great day......
  2. All, I am wondering if there would be any interest in having a simple monthly online newsletter for questions, Cars for sale, parts for sale or needed, reproducing parts and the like. Perhaps 2-4 pages with listings for Brush stuff and some Brush facts, photos and items like that. Email only, no cost. No dues. I was sorry to have to give up doing the club newsletter, but my health is much better now, and if the group is interested I would be willing to give it a whirl. Thoughts? Comments? John Guy Brushrunabout@gmail.com
  3. Skip, After seeing your response above, I had to have a look....inquiring minds want to know.....lol. I have 3 different and complete front end assemblies among my pile of parts. They are intact, with the original axles still in place....Looking at them as they would have been with the car, the right, and left side skeins appear to be the same. Have a great one.....John
  4. Hi Jonah, I think I do have a couple of brackets. I'll check and let you know. Thanks...John
  5. Cleaned out the garage and have quite a few chassis parts for sale or trade. Springs, brackets, skeins, etc. A big pile of Brush iron. If you have a need let me know and I will see what I have. On the personal level, I am looking for Brush parts. Pretty much anything. Engine, trans, steering, rear end....open to looking at whatever is available. Thanks, John Guy Ph: 832-244-2101
  6. I have two BRUSH items I would like to sell.... 1. A nice original coil box with original Brush switch......$350.00 It appears to be complete, looks like it has been rewired. Only deficiency I see is screw holes for attaching switch to wood box are a bit wallowed out. Nice Hardware and condition of wood parts. Light sanding and ready to apply stain and finish. 2. Original BRUSH brass radiator name plate......$90.00 Looks to be in nice shape for its age....has a scratch on the "H" Both items acquired at Chickasha Swap meet. Boxed and Shipped for cost.
  7. Al Shaw has graciously offered to host a Brush Owners meeting this year at Hershey. The meeting will be: Thursday October 6, 2016 Time: 3:00 P.M. Location: Al's space.....OBF25 in the Orange Field. If anyone has any questions, please message me and I will forward Al's email. To those heading to Hershey....Have a great time and a safe trip.
  8. There will be a meeting of Brush enthusiasts at The Chickasha Pre-war Swap Meet. For those attending the meet we will gather Thursday March 17th, at around 1:00P at the usual booth space, ND10, located in the North Building. Our past meetings have been a fun get together to discuss our Brush projects and travels. If anyone has any items they want to sell, please feel free to make use of the space. Also, as The Brush Owners Association is in sore need of some revitalization, I hope that we can discuss that, and come up with some new ideas. Have a great day.... John Guy Ph: 832-244-2101 E-ma
  9. Just a reminder to any of the Brush guys who will be attending Hershey.....There will be a meeting of Brush enthusiasts at Al Shaw's Flea Market Space this Thursday, October 8th at 1:00 P.M. His space is OBF25 in the Orange Field. Hopefully someone can take a photo of those attending and forward to Brushrunabout@gmail.com. I hope everyone has a safe trip and finds those special parts they are searching for. John Guy Ph: 832-244-2101
  10. Al Shaw has kindly offered to host a meeting for Brush owners and enthusiasts at Hershey this year. The meeting will be held on Thursday October 8, 2015 at his Flea Market Space OBF25 which is located in the Orange Field. The meeting will be at 1:00. If you are planning to attend Hershey please pass the word along to other Brush Owners.
  11. Many years ago I saw a period photo of a Brush 2 cylinder displayed at one of the early auto shows. I am finishing and article on the Brush 2 cylinder car, and I windering if anyone might have a copy of that or another 2 cylinder photo if it exists. I have the ad announcements for the car, I am wondering about photos. If anyone might share a scan of theirs it would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if any member has any "For Sale", or "Wanted" ads please forward as soon as possible. Have a fun, safe, and blessed 4th of July. John Guy Brushrunabout@gmail.com
  12. Hi Bill, Bill Damewood from Ohio had been working on the transmission project but there didn't seem to be enough interest to make it economically feasible. To be honest I was surprised because I know of several members whose projects are stalled for needing a transmission and/or transmission parts. It seemed like there would be a great opportunity to get several more cars on the road if everyone went together and pooled resources to reproduce the transmission. Hopefully your post might help revive this worthwhile project. John Guy
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