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  1. Great Progress! Where did you get your radiator from? Hub caps?
  2. I may be wrong but I don't think it is Brush. There are some good pics of a Brush hub at ModelThaven's ebay store. The proportions don't quite match what I see there. Also, the edges are not angular like any of mine.
  3. From what I remember there was about 1-1/2" clear all the way around and there were 2 full height doors. The doors were flush with the frame of the box. My guess is it was removable so probably had some way to set the box into a standard runabout body. Will look around to see if I can find the photo.
  4. I have seen one other period photograph and that car had two small doors at the rear.
  5. I have never seen that one.....
  6. I pretty well have the publisher template worked out for the proposed newsletter/parts exchange. As mentioned previously it will be a simple monthly online restoration newsletter with for sale and wanted sections for Brush guys to post there needs, and a way to let others know of spare parts. I would also like to post a few pics of restorations in progress if anyone is willing to share. As of this time I will be listing information and ads in the following sections: 1. Brush Parts for Sale or Trade: Photos encouraged 2. Brush Parts Wanted: Photos encouraged 3. Reproduction Parts: As many seem to need the same parts, this would be a place we could pool resources to have multiples cast 4. Cars for Sale: This would be for Restored or Parts Cars 5. Restoration Updates: Information on projects underway. If you have any ads you would like to post please send them along to: Brushrunabout@gmail.com List for the appropriate section along with preferred contact information and email. Depending on response I will put the first one together sometime next month.
  7. Great progress.....Love the blue.
  8. Thanks for the added dimensions....and info.
  9. Thanks Simon.....if you could send the length and width dimensions for the rectangle with the bolt holes, I believe I can figure it out and make a pattern. Much appreciated......Have a great day. John
  10. You might contact Mark at ModelTHaven.com He did have running board brackets and has some fender irons. You can also look at his ebay store. Good luck in your search.
  11. Wondering if anyone might have a Liberty step plate they could loan or share detailed dimensions and photos of. I have the wild hair that I would like to try to fabricate a pattern for casting using a 3D printer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Great.....I will begin putting together a new format. There will be a For Sale and Wanted section, for parts and cars, as well as a section for reproductions. I would like to for Brush owners needing the same part to be able pool together to have them cast as a group. Anyone who might wish to receive the newsletter, please send an email to Brushrunabout@gmail.com. When I have it put together, classifieds will be sent to the same address monthly for the following months publication. Photos of restorations and projects underway would be great. Have a great day......
  13. All, I am wondering if there would be any interest in having a simple monthly online newsletter for questions, Cars for sale, parts for sale or needed, reproducing parts and the like. Perhaps 2-4 pages with listings for Brush stuff and some Brush facts, photos and items like that. Email only, no cost. No dues. I was sorry to have to give up doing the club newsletter, but my health is much better now, and if the group is interested I would be willing to give it a whirl. Thoughts? Comments? John Guy Brushrunabout@gmail.com
  14. Skip, After seeing your response above, I had to have a look....inquiring minds want to know.....lol. I have 3 different and complete front end assemblies among my pile of parts. They are intact, with the original axles still in place....Looking at them as they would have been with the car, the right, and left side skeins appear to be the same. Have a great one.....John
  15. Hi Jonah, I think I do have a couple of brackets. I'll check and let you know. Thanks...John
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