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  1. Ed Fowler's 25 coupe needs a distributor. Sunday the coupe stalled in the front yard and investigation revealed a hole in the distributor body. Upon removing the distributor, it appears that one of the centrifugal weights came out, punched the hole in the body and tore up the inside. The hole can be repaired but the internal damage worries me. Does anyone have an 8A disributor that they are willing to part with? Dave Phillips
  2. The car in the photo is a 1940 Continental. It has door handles, different grilles and no fender lights on top of the fenders. I had one and wish I had it now.
  3. Thanks to everybody for their suggestions. We tried vinegar and it wouldn't touch the mildew. What did work was Simple Green. Some fellow car buffs recommended it and we tried it and it really worked. We took the trunk off this afternoon and cleaned the back of the car and the trunk rack. Also, I have 2 dehumidifiers in the garage and a 220 volt electric heater. Baltimore Gas and Electric just LOVES me when I turn that on! Of course, last year the Baltimore area had more rain that it's ever seen, 72 inches. We dropped the fuel tank on the Franklin today so it can be cleaned. A green substance had destroyed the fuel gauge sending unit and seriously damaged the carburetor. I am now using ethanol free gas in all the cars. Dave
  4. Tried doing some work in the garage and discovered that the back of my Franklin was covered in mildew. Tried some auto cleaners and they did nothing. Went online and looked up mildew removal. Got a lot of suggestions. 50/50 solution of bleach and warm water, 70/30 solution of bleach and warm water. One answer said, Don't use bleach! Try vinegar, try Simple Green. This is the original paint on the Franklin and I don't want to ruin it. I had mildew on the Citroen this winter, but car polish took it off completely. Any ideas.
  5. Definately not 25 to 28 Franklin. Our 25 Franklin has Bausch and Lomb lenses, but the lamps are totally different. Our 21 Franklin has a similar look to the mounting, but does not have Bausch and Lomb lenses.
  6. Earl, That would be a very tough decision to make on Al's Limited. I think back to the 40 Continental that I had and would like to know what happened to that car. Also I miss the 55 Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire that I had. That was a real performer, with a Rolls Royce automatic and a Hemi 6 cylinder. I drove that car to Hershey several times and it was featured on a Hershey video once. It was a beautiful car, right hand drive and it was alwauys an experience trying to pay the toll on the Pa. Turnpike! I had to go look up former Chesapeake Region members who had Franklins. I think Ed Hook was one and, definately, Willard Prentice had a Franklin. Right now,Eddie and I are the only Franklin owners who have Franklins. Fran Werneth always calls me Mr. Franklin! Bill Bond's Franklin is now in California and the new owner is delighted wth it. Dave
  7. Earl, I remember Al Newman's 41 very well from the first CHVA meets in Overlea. That dates me too, I'll be 77 in January. I remember driving your Limited around Severn, looking in the rear view mirror and wondering where the rear window was! I also remember driving my 35 to Hershey up I-83 and thinking nothing off it. I wouldn't dream of it now. We now have 4 Franklins in the family, plus 2 model T Fords, the 35 Ford , a 54 Citroen and a 50 Hudson. Dave
  8. Terry, here's a few pictures I took in the Orange field. Mark, Eddie and I had 2 spots in the Orange field and we got rid of a lot of stuff. Mark found a beautiful model T Ford coil testeer in the Red field and he bought it. Eddie and I both have modelTs in addition to the Franklins.
  9. Is Classic and Exotic Servicies still in business? They do not respond to emails. Dave
  10. Has anyone repaired the tank units of the King Seeley hydrostatic fuel gauges? Mine has developed pinholes in the fuel line and the air lines. Dave
  11. Thanks for the responses. The battery is fully charged. There is no starter solenoid, there is just a cable running to a mechanical switch on top of the starter motor. This weekend I'll pull the battery cables off and give them a good clean. I tend to think this is a timing problem. Setting the timing is not an easy job on a Traction Avant. Dave
  12. I have a hard starting 1954 Citroen Traction Avant. I thought I had the problem resolved last Sunday when I put a new coil on the car. It was starting on the first crank. Yesterday I had it out and it was starting fine. Late afternoon, it was time to put the car back into the garage and won't start! The starter cranks briefly and kicks out, the same problem as before. We gave it a shot of starting fluid. Nothing. Grandson arrive and we pushed the car into the garage. A half hour later I tried starting it again. Cranked right over and started! Most cars I've had, when you push the starter button, will keep cranking until the engine starts or you run the battery down. This one, when it acts up, cranks for a second and kicks out. Is it some component reacting to engine heat? Could it be the starter? Has anyone had a similar problem? The car does NOT have Lucas electric, by the way. Dave
  13. I tried Bleche White on my 35 Ford and it discoloured the wire wheels. It will affect the paint on wheels. I use an SOS pad now. Save
  14. The vacuum tank is on its way back to the rebuilder. I'll let everyone know what he finds out. I hope it is good news so we can get this Franklin back on the road. Dave
  15. The vacuum tank is on its' way back to the rebuilder. I'll let you know what he finds out. Dave
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