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  1. Believe it or not, I still have the engines this topic was about, and have added others over the years. At this point, I will just hang onto them. Maybe my 3 boys will have an auction when I am gone so the local scrap buyer can buy the lot for $25.
  2. I sold that car on this website maybe 10 years ago for $12,000. The gentleman that purchased it had it painted and interior work done, along with other mechanical work, then sold it for around $12,000. It is a very nice, solid car, built like a truck with heavy frame and massive rear axle. It would go 50 mph, but only had brakes on the rear axle. If you had to stop quick, those narrow tires would just lock up and slide on the road while the car kept going because of how much the car weighs. I included a photo I took when I pulled the car from its 30 year resting place in a warehouse in downtow
  3. The original headliner base is spun fiberglass. I just went thru this issue with my 1986 K30. There seems to be nothing available yet aftermarket, but the need is there. I was able to locate an original that I used. They are very delicate and easily damaged. I took it to the local upholstery shop, and they were able to cover it for me. Best to check Craigslist for someone parting a 73-91 crew cab out.
  4. The serial on one motor is: FD 24151, The serial on the second is: FC 12894. Complete and running
  5. I am in Southern Ohio. Just trying to decide what its worth. It actually looks good just setting in the shop. People are always curious as to what it is. I am thinking someone with a 6 cylinder car would like to upgrade to an 8.
  6. Was wondering what the current market value is of a good running, complete, 1930 Studebaker straight 8 engine. Thanks
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