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  1. Good day fellow Oldsmobile collectors, Reaching out to learn of availability of a correct, whitewall, J78-14 tire for my 1966 Oldsmobile 98. The original tires are no longer safe, yes they are the originals with under 10,000 miles and I would like to change them for safety reasons. I recall, back in the day, that the J78-14 was unique to Oldsmobile and Buick and not a common size - when compared to the H or L size tires. Can anyone point me in a direction? I would prefer to buy new wheels and leave my original tires on the original rims for HPOF reasons. Has anyone gone to a 15" rim to allow a better size selection for daily use? Seems 225/75/15 is available but seems small for a 98. Thank you and let the banter begin! All the best, Ollie
  2. Hi Annie, I know your Suburban from previous events we have shared. As Tommy points out - I am a PA guy. Last time the Cosworth was in VA was in 2008 at a VCCA event where she earned her Junior. Its time to introduce her to the AACA events. Only issue are tires - as they no longer produce the alpha numeric radials. The P metric will have to suffice. Merry Christmas to you both! Nice to hear from an dear friend.
  3. Hello Matt, Thank you for the courtesy of the reply to my question. The Cosworth is in showroom condition - so I shall choose the 27K class. Merry Christmas to you!
  4. Update and useful information for others who may need a headliner such as my post. Erin Ruddy of Ruddy Made LLC has reproduced this headliner from a fiberglass mold. The quality is remarkable. $450.00 + shipping You can search for him on Facebook. I do not have website but I do know he is located in Alton, Missouri
  5. Good day to my fellow AACA friends, I am a bit confused and reaching out for a clarification on Class Judging with the AACA. I am the proud, original owner of a 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega and am now entertaining a show schedule with the AACA for 2018/19 with this vehicle. I do not know which Class she should be placed for proper judging? Thank you very much and Happy Holidays to all!
  6. Thanks for that photo! Nice rig (s)..... I thought the base was cardboard - no idea it was spun material. LMC is MIA on this one too.... Problem is if I find a parts truck - I just may bring the old horse home and have a new project! LOL
  7. Hello and Happy July 4th, I am looking for a headliner cardboard for my 1988 Chevrolet R20 Crewcab . This is the first gen Crewcab or some call the Square body. I have looked high and low and it seems someone forgot this model. FYI - Suburban headliners do not work - they are shaped differently. Looking for advice...... thank you very much.
  8. I could not have said it any better than what was previously mentioned. The organization abilities of the staff was remarkable, from the trailer parking to the show car entrance process. My only recommendation is the "need for signage" when the show cars leave. It was rather comical watching quite a few attendees get lost on their way out. And thank you for my first Senior award...... it means a ton to me.
  9. That seems to be an excellent suggestion. From what I see on the show planner, the trailer parking is located at the old Pumpkin World site - which is past Boathouse Road.
  10. I feel bad for the guys with ultra rare wheel covers. Surely, a few will probably walk. Amazing how those covers "get away". Now engine parts have me concerned..... rare intakes/carbs/air cleaners. Its a sad world when you have to review your auto insurance policy to make sure you have adequate coverage before the event!
  11. This will be my first AACA event. To be candid, I think the parking, show field, hotel arrangement is awful. I can understand if the parking is "next door" to the hotel, but to have 700+ vehicles trekking through the "nicer parts of Reading" for 4 miles here and 4 miles there is poor planning in my opinion. Try that with the NCRS guys!? I don't think it would fly. Even the VCCA group does a better job of finding adequate facilites for the event. Now about that $25.00. I sure hope they have security - because I CAN justify the charge if they do. Personally, I think the AACA would have been better off capping the event size to prevent this rather difficult parking/hotel scenario. That's my opinion.
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