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  1. I also received my renewal letter but it must be accompanied by copies of my membership card which has not arrived to date. auto@pa.net
  2. Wanted to buy: 1957 Oldsmobile 88 Hood in excellent condition, i.e. no rust no damage. Thank you.
  3. Wanted Excellent no rust hood for a 1957 Olds 88. Thank you Bob. auto@pa.net
  4. Wanted - Hood for 1957 Oldsmobile 88.. Must be in excellent condition.
  5. I've done this every year. Just bring your scooter, your disability card from your state and your AACA card to the registration unit by the lower parking lot by the Giant center. Regards, Bob
  6. Hi, Is the Model A phaeton still for sale? Thanks, Bob auto@pa.net
  7. Need advise on how to remove the speedometer from a 1957 Olds 88. Thank you.
  8. How is the speedometer removed from the '57 Olds??
  9. Any parts left for sale for the 1931 Chrysler?? Please email: auto@pa.net or call 717-532-6572
  10. Making a new "For Sale" post and cannot attach pictures. Tried several different sizes and all hang up mid-load. Tried both attachment paths. Any Ideas? (all files are *.jpg). Any help will be appreciated.
  11. Jon, My "vapor lock" starts in hot weather only - as hesitation for a few seconds followed by stalling. Will not restart until cool down - 5 minutes or so. Then will happen again. Only happens in hot weather. Thanks for your interest. Bob
  12. Thanks for your input but there is no way I can post pictures on the AACA site. Probably my ineptness and the clumsy site itself. How did you ever get those photos to appear? Thank you.
  13. Recently installed 3 carb set up on 57 Olds 88. Vapor lock is now a problem. The following have been suggested: 1. Wrap gas lines in insulated material. 2. Relocate gas lines to different location. 3.. Install electric fuel pump. Being a novice (lousy) mechanic, I need HELP!! Would any of the above cure the vapor lock?? Anything to add or advise would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob auto@pa.net