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  1. Yes, but I am running out of parts. Let me know what you are looking for. Thomas
  2. Hey guys, I am needing some pics to finish up this 31 PA that I am restoring. It came in a zillion boxes, and there are parts that I do not recognize, as well as things to put on that make no sense to me. What I need are photos, particularly close ups of wiring placement, under carriage, pedal assembly and linkage for carb, etc. There is a side stabilizer spring under the trans that I have no idea how to hook up. Thanks a bunch for all your help, Thomas Reply here, or direct to me at:
  3. I have a rail with both ends for that car......will try to post you a couple of pics if I can remember. Feel free to harass me if I don't get it done in a couple of days.
  4. Where is this car? Would you post some pictures, please?
  5. Are these correct for your car? 1932 1933 1934 Plymouth, Dodge, Mopar Tire Locks | eBay Have a good one! Thomas
  6. Bob...... I want that grille and radiator shell!! LOL!! Sweet!!
  7. OK, Fellers, I added a few pics of the girl I am restoring to my profile. This came to me in a zillion baskets, and we are trying to make her look as real as possible, but the owner isn't looking to show her. It was his grandfather's, and he wants to actually drive it on a regular basis. Any and all comments are welcome. Of particular interest to me is if anyone can identify the gadget that is attached to the front spring. I have looked through zillions of pictures, and every other car of this model does not have this on there. Thomas
  8. pre39chrysler, Way too late for that.........a lot of guys have gotten pieces that they needed to help finish their cars. It was really rough as far as the body, floor and roof were concerned, but had a lot of decent parts that I hope these guys have enjoyed.
  9. bkp, Sorry, the luggage rack is gone.
  10. dravid, my front mount is a plate that goes between the frame rails, bolts directly to the block, and the timing cover bolts to that. It looks nothing like the pic you posted.
  11. Thanks, Guys! I am a little overwhelmed with all the good response to these parts. I am trying to get with all of you as fast as possible, and be as fair as possible. Parts Spoken for as of today: Bumpers Hub Caps Spare tire Hardware Dash and gauges Grille, Radiator Steering column with wheel and switch Fuel tank cover Hood Luggage Rack Headlights Number plates supports for firewall Visor Tail light I have a few more parts that are tentatively requested, either awaiting responses, or waiting for me to get the pics out to you all. I can be reached at 941-316-9700 Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm Eastern time Thomas
  12. John, This car is a 1931 Chrysler CM6. The rear end is still here. Would you need the housing complete, or just the gears? How can I determine whether it is the one you need, other than taking off the cover and counting teeth?