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  1. Love the color (even that is an understatement..).... would take this boat with me back to The Netherlands when visiting MO next month.... But it won't fit in one of my suitcases. Good luck selling this beauty... hope it finds a good (Buick)home
  2. I keep an eye on all your listed Ebay floormats..... no green front mats listed so far :-(
  3. I have one available (tan) within a few weeks from now. From a 75 Riviera, but I think shippingcosts to the US will be (too) expensive....
  4. He Maria.... welcome here.... we will definately meet each other on the first King cruise 2005 or on another Buick board on the internet
  5. Wanted: green rubber floor mats with tri-shield logo for my 73 Riviera (need fronts only). Cheers
  6. Great idea..... will post some pics of my 75 Riviera soon (right now in the middle of a resto)BTW: Very impressed by the 76 Estate Wagon
  7. I can't believe this beauty isn't sold yet .........Would buy when there wasn't so much water between this car and my house(Europe).
  8. Although a bit (??) late .... are parts still available??? If so please reply:robhouter@planet.nl Thanks, Rob
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