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  1. I dont see the "soft market" in antique cars either. In fact with money in the bank returning so little,In "MY OPINION", cars are a great investment. This whole bad economy thing will blow out of town like the $4.00 a gal gas. The cars on Ebay that arent selling are overprice and not properly marketed. Most sellers on the internet think they can ask anything they like.

  2. On the older teens-20s round /oval tanks I cut the ends out leaving a aprox.3/4 inch flange with my recipicating jig saw.Then I bead blast the inside perfectly clean .Next I sweat the ends back in after bead blasting them.Lastly I coat the tank with a quality gas tank sealer. With baffles in the tanks ,you cant ever be sure you have gotten all the crap out. Ive done about a dozen this way and it is the only way to go. Also a NEW pickup tue can be installed at this time if the gas is drawn from the top. Mike West

  3. Mechanical work wanted on antique cars/trucks from the 1950s back. Fully equiped shop in upstate NY.Reasonable rates ,quick turnaround.Award winning restorations done on cars from 1902 and up.Brass cars to 1930s, and FRANKLINS are my favorites.Brakes,exhaust,engine and driveline work,gas tank restoration,fabrication of hard to find parts,pattern making for casting of parts,sand blasting,spring work,wood framing for the body,I can do it all if needed.Pickup and delivery OK ,References by request. Call Mike @585 738 1541 My email is mwest729@aol.com Thank You

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