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  1. 12 hours ago, RansomEli said:

    Beautiful truck, Mike.


    I'm more impressed with your technique to remove/install the snap rings. What size vise-grip clamps are those? Does it make a big difference?


    I've tried using c-clamps but found they were miserable to work with. Ended up using nothing.


    If your technique really works, then it would be worth the investment. Vise-grips are not cheap.


    P.S. I've got 10 wheels to do - four on my '21 9B and six on my '29 135. 

    I bought a case of these deep voice grips. They work great  on these oversize 700 19 tires. I'll look and measure them up or see if they have a model #. 

  2. On 4/28/2021 at 9:29 AM, edinmass said:

    JUST A SHORT NOTE....Most companies stopped building true roadsters in the 1930/1931/1932 model year. Thus, you may or may not want to consider convertible coupes. Simply, drivability is what dictates price. The better the driver, the more valuable the car..............a Series 80/81 Pierce can be bought in the mid 50's for a very nice car.......like 90 points plus. With a high speed rear, they are very good drivers. Whey won't keep up with an 8. It's all a compromise. 

    ED - Series 80 P/A cars are all too anemic for most drivers . They are ok for a memorial day parade but short of that ....

  3. Benz Guy , I would drag it home. You might open it up and find it full of grease  and OK. Franklins used Warner Gear boxes and they are all in good demand. Im in NY or Id ask for it. You have nothing to loose> It is Warner Gear .

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  4. My first  planned outing in a Franklin this season and had  to take a tire⁹ apart . I've got 700/19  tires on the truck and I hate them. They are too big for the rims. I had to clamp the tire down to get the ring on working alone. I'm ordering a new set of Deman 650/ 19s this week. Other that the tire problem all went well. 




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  5. Jeff Thanks for the picture . I have not contacted that man yet. I will in the next week. I think this car is as sharp looking as a any I have fixed. The colors just seem to  work together. When Im picking 2 tone colors I always try to pick two in the same color plain.  Just to clarify, the dark cherry on the body and the wine color are both the same color , just one darker than the other.  I have a automotive  paint  color fan from a high end paint store  and I use  2 colors on the same spectrum from light to dark. 

  6. 20 hours ago, mikewest said:


    Thanks Jeff for the picture of my 1932 Peerless Master 8 I restored around 1990. The body color looked almost black in low light. When I bought the car it was all black. Back in the day... I painted everything  2  shades  of red or maroon. 

    my 1932 Peerless.png

  7. Quote
    22 hours ago, jeff_a said:

    Your 1932. Peerless Electric got bought out or something, and the '29 and '32 they had were advertised for sale, and were purchased about a year ago.


    Interesting.... How much was he asking for my car?? Im curious. So you dont have the currect owners address? The first buyer bought the Continental 12K  that came from the 1931 I parted out. 



  8. On 3/18/2021 at 11:51 PM, jeff_a said:

    Mike -- Thanks a lot for the photograph. Someone in South Carolina bought both it and a 1929 Six-61 from the same Bay Area owner last year...but have never been able to divine who. Do you know that of all the Peerless straight 8s from 1930, 1931, & 1932, there are only about 28 known survivors out of almost 4,000 built? Makes Packard, Pierce, and even Duesenberg straight 8s a-dime-a-dozen.

    Someone in SC bought what? My 32  that went to Calf? or the restorod from my area? 

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