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  1. When your grandson is finishing the project you sstarted with your teen age son..
  2. $118 to fill my GMC SUV with one 48 gal tank.. glade I only do it every other month..
  3. Bob There is a brass pin that holds the cylinder in place. Look on the bottom of support casting and you will see a small hole about 1/16 inch in dia. This pin must be drilled out,then if the cylinder isn't swelled up it should come right out. Terry Feel free to call me at 608-463- 7483 for more help. Terry Feel free to call at
  4. Some girls just can't make up which Buick is best. Know where and when these photos were taken?
  5. If fellow is 20" then rim would be 21" and is not 29 buick. Hub is for 1928 master rear. Terry 29-26
  6. Try the coker link to the left,,, i think they have the information u are looking for.
  7. from your home be it 1 block or a thosand miles +.. driven is driven as long as it doesn't come off a trailer or truck. Terry 29-26
  8. looks like 29 buick rear bumper for car with rear spare tire mount. over all length will tell u what model. check with bill mclaughlin and he will tell u the corect model. Terry 29-26
  9. Use a hole saw to cut it out. tractor tires make good replacement couplers. Terry 29-26
  10. Dave: Post a photo of the one you are trying to match. I have several caps that I don't know the year or model they fit. Terry 29-26 pattery@centurytel.net
  11. Terry29-26


    Mr Earl: Sorry to hear of your crash: Like others have stated all may not be lost, The files are still there u need to find the problem and corect it. Find a computer shop that will trouble shoot you unit and repair it. I have a custom built computer with 4 hard drives, every file is written to two hard drives so if one goes down the other is still usable. Cost was $500.00 . I don't have to worry any more about backing up files. If the the rest of the computer fails all I have to do is install the old hard drives in another machine. Its kind of like changing motors in cars. Even hard drives can be rebuilt without data loss. Terry29-26
  12. Check with your power company and ask what the time period is for your demand meter.Most are 10 to 15 min. Starting one moter will have no efect on demand.Starting every thing after power outage should not effect meter reading.Running every thing at full load longer than their time setting will raise the meter. I hope this answers some of your questions.. Be safe..... Terry29-26
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