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  1. Exactly where are we showing the cars?? is it at the HOTEL? Speedway? I just realized I do not see directions to the show... and any input on trailer parking? I will be arriving by 8am Saturday. Mike
  2. I'll be there... and Trust me, Steve can attest to this.. Class 36 for the Musclecars/High Perf. cars is beyond Stiff Competetion!!
  3. It's all subjective I guess, but me, I am a CHEVELLE guy..66's ! My web site below!
  4. You said it Steve!! What a great time... and that MUSCLE CAR Class was primo!! I hope next time we have double the amount of cars in that class That's a WIN, that I will always cherish. Thanks Lake Erie! Mike Crown
  5. Did somebody say Trailer? I'll be there too, looking forward to it. I would have thought more cars than that Steve, please stop by and say hey!
  6. Sloooowwww deeep breaths Howard...slow and deep Ron, we were doing so good too
  7. Me too Ron...a few days ago.. two friends of mine from the National Chevelle Club ( ACES ) e-mailed me b/c they just finished a 68 Chevelle SS and a 70 Chevelle SS...both cars are done to EXACT factory specs. and they wanted to know more about the "Club" I mention every now and then..."That Antique car thing" and so I told them about AACA and dispelled best I could, the myths, ( though the myths are reality in fact ) they had. Like most 30 something and 40 something guys, they thought AACA was just all Pre war and Old cars.., non muscle cars.... They just sent in their applications and hope to
  8. Boy, if I were a better typist, I would have said all that..Thanks Steve and Ron Can never make people happy is what it comes down to IMO.. When ya got a fully restored show car, the peanut gallery says..."Oh trailer queen..." "oh start driving it" Then ya got the bunch that says..."Car showing isn't about the $3 trophies, it's about the hobby and the friends" or you have guys that won't join a Club b/c they think their cars aren't "GOOD ENOUGH "...You can't make everyone happy, but I applaude The powers to be for trying... Times they are changin...Thank God!!
  9. Well, if it's just OPINIONS we are giving...I for one like, NO, LOVE seeing every part of a car when at CAR SHOW. The engines on some cars, whether driver quality or show quality are some of the most interesting and unique parts of the car itself. Trunks, while not always intriging, are part of the car and if I am about to start a restoration of XYZ car to original condition, That car that you may not want to see with it's hood open or trunk open...well, that may be just the car I NEED to see and take pictures of, so I can make mine correct. That XYZ car may be the only one I have come across
  10. Right back at ya Steve!!! Happy Holidays to all~ Mike
  11. Congrats Greg! on the nomination and the win for your friend So tell us, what are these cars that got nominated?? and as far as you not hearing anything yet...remember, this time of year, the US Postal Service is swamped with mail, and there is no rhyme to reason as to how things get from point A to point B...you may still hear good news
  12. Art Can you e-mail me or give me your e-mail address, mysterychevelle@aol.com
  13. Oh Howard, no disrespect but I have had great experiences with such things as this...my cars have been used in books, calendars, adds, other various related activities and I have always been given a Thank you, a free copy or two of whatever the product was, and overall, been very happy. Maybe I have been lucky, but overall I find it fun and if it doesn't happen, I don't lose any sleep over it. I am sure these companies get more crap than anything when it comes to receiving Photos and good examples that they can use, probably get hundred upon hundreds of submissions and it would not be possible
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