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  1. I would like to thank the North Central Florida region for giving us a very enjoyable Winter Meet. These folks stepped up and with very little help pulled this off.This certainly proves it does not take a large region to do a National Meet. To Jim Schmidt and crew "WELL DONE". Dave Zimmerman 2005 AACA President
  2. As AACA Vice President, maybe I can address some of your concerns about National Awards.The National Awards committee consists of 22 very dedicated and knowledgeable judges.The dedication shows when at a National meet we may each have as many as 70 vehicles to observe for award consideration.The awards committee work at each National meet,and tour. In the year 2003 we nominated 414 vehicles out of approx. 5000 vehicles shown at these events. In total there are 60 permanent National Awards,some are divisional, which means multiple winners. some are service awards for individuals, regions ,websi
  3. After waiting for many years for this opening,I was overwhelmed by our new facility.I have visited many of these facilities in various parts of the country, and our AACA museum will not take second place to any of them. This facility will make every AACA member proud and will provide a legacy for future generations. A heart felt thanks to all who made this happen, and I will work to promote our museum. Dave [color:\\"black\\"]
  4. The AACA Publication committee for 2002 is as follows. Please mail newsletter contest samples to the following:<P>J. Pat McCann VP Publications <BR>3233 Ingram Branch Rd.<BR>Harrington, DE 19952<P>Sharon M. Lee Asst. VP Publications<BR>340 old Plantation Trail<BR>Travelers Rest, SC 29690<P>Joe Vicini Executive VP<BR>3 Robbins Nest Drive<BR>Perrineville, NJ 08535<P>Jeanne Smith Committee member<BR>P.O. Box 417<BR>Hershey, Pa. 17033<P>James Raines AACA National President<BR>2331 Selwyn Ave.<BR>Charlott
  5. Need two rear brake drums for a 1936 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup with hubs.
  6. Hi Ruth,<BR>In my haste to get the list posted I forgot the titles for these folks. <P>Dave Zimmerman VP Publications<BR>J. Pat McCann Asst. VP Publications<BR>Earl D. Beauchamp VP Regions<BR>James A. Raines Executive Vice President AACA- committee member.<BR>Jeanne Smith Asst.Editor Antique Automobile Magazine<BR>Douglas D. Drake AACA National President- <BR>committee member.<P>Dave
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