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  1. We are doing Hershey a little different this year. Go to www.bigflatsrivet.com to check us out. c4j-28 under light pole #41 Big Flats Rivet Co.
  2. I asked John Meyer the same thing recently. He said it will run in the "next couple years". Jim Dix Big Flats, NY
  3. Big Flats Rivet Co., Jim & Pat Dix will be back at C4J 28 - 31, "under light pole #41". Jim
  4. We're at C4J 28 - 31. Jim & Pat Dix aka Big Flats Rivet Co. "Under light pole #41" Jim
  5. Last fall we talked about getting together at Hershey. I've gotten us a time at the HCCA tent. We will be meeting Thursday October 5, at 3 PM. I don't have an agenda at this point, I'm figuring on just meeting one another and having a general Maxwell bull session. Hopefully we will have some folks willing to share their knowledge of Maxwells with those of us less knowledgable. If someone wants to put together a short presentation on a specific subject we can probably fit it in. Please let me know if you can make it so we have some idea how many to plan for. HCCA has asked for a small donation
  6. I'll stick my neck out :^) "Westchester" was the parts supplier for Maxwell (United Motors). They supplied lamps, windshields, and accessories. As to which NUMBER (on the top) Westchester you have and its correctness I will pass. There are more knowledgable folks here than I. Westchester made carbide generators, I have also seen a very original car with "Nickerbocker Brass Works" generator that looks just like a Westchester. I don't know the connection with Nickerbocker. There were a couple sizes of Westchesters, I believe. It should mount on the right running board, near the driver. It WAS an
  7. Actually the area just east of Hershey, North Jersey, South Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware has a large number of Brass Era enthusiasts. Most of the folks probably belong to AACA and HCCA, but an anouncement on the HCCA web site might be productive. Mike Jones could probably muster enough cars to fill his needs rather quickly. Jim Dix
  8. Does not work. Jim <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
  9. Comes in quart and gallon cans. Never saw the aerosol. Don't think I want to. Use generously and repeatedly, allow time to work, do small, 1-2 sq ft areas. Try not to scratch the metal. Jim
  10. Why not Helicoil it? Would look like original & still work. Not create a problem for the next guy. Jim
  11. What you see above is all I have at the moment, sorry. Jim
  12. There's a 1916 Maxwell touring for sale locally. Restored from a local collector, I have not seen it but other cars from the collection are nice. Reportedly $8000. E-mail me for contact info. Jim Dix
  13. Jim & Pat Dix aka Big Flats Rivet Co. at C4J 28-31. Under pole #41! Jim
  14. I found reference to this plan on another forum. Possibly AACA or members could adopt a similar plan to help our members who are effected by Katrina. It sounds a bit more personal than donating money, and perhaps is a bit more demanding. We certainly have affected AACA members in the area we can relate to. http://www.modelaircraft.org/
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