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  1. McCahill did one article on the Keller automobile which was made in Huntsville, Alabama. They only made 18 as prototypes before they lost their funding (Mr. Keller died) and never made it to production. Uncharacteristically Tom was fairly complimentary of the car even though he did not get a chance to drive one. I've got a copy someplace and will have to dig it up sometime. Good idea about some sort of collection of his articles in one book.
  2. In the past Pulfer and Williams was your best bet. I sent a badge to them and finally got it back 18 months later. It was excellent but that is a long time. They told me that the man that did their badge work was aging and has stopped that type of work, thus the "going overseas" for the effort. Sure would be great if some young hobbiest would learn the art and start a business for this support.
  3. At least one thing you learned Rich - a good place to do some checkings - the AACA DF. Thanks for your thread. I think several of us learned a thing or two.
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    Try BRISCOE, built in Jackson, MI, from 1914-1921. There is a brief history of the company in the Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1941. More info can probably be obtained for the L&RC.
  5. According to the Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942, where there is a brief history and some graphics, they were "big impressive machines with four-cylinder 45 hp engines". About a dozen were made in 1906, maybe 100 in 1907, and production dwindled after that. You might try the AACA Library for more info (see homepage for this site for library request procedure).
  6. A friend of mine has a 1929 Packard, definitely a luxury car with a long (145 inch wheelbase) and custom body. It has a built in radio and so far we have found no evidence that any cars with radios preceded that one. As for sound his is working. If you want more info email me and I can get him contact with you.
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