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  1. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately ddue to health reasons will not make Hershey, but have a friend who will check the referenced sources and pick up a set of nuts. If still unavailable, will resort to making them. Ron
  2. I am looking for a source for the special nuts (Hex nut with a large round cover) that go on the ends of the landau irons on '20s vintage convertibles. New, NOS, used or whatever just so I can get four that match. Thanks
  3. You are most likely referring to the Kleiber. I do nit recall seeing one at any meets ronbarn
  4. Best buy yet - COSTCO has a package with two 1A10BC units for $18. Have not yet found a 1A5BC.
  5. Our team judged two-wheelers and all 11 vehicles had a correct extinguisher. Sort of ironic since they previously only required the 5BC which is indeed smaller than the 1A5BC. The proper fire extinguishers that I bought are the same size as the old ones I owned. Have not been able to find a 1A5BC but the 1A10BC is readily available and mine from Lowe's were $14.
  6. motoringicons, If you would to place a free ad in The Marmon News, please contact me at ronbarn@otelco.com Ron
  7. Taminie, We (members of The Marmon Club) have had some success with searches like this one. I am the editor for our newsletter and will be happy to place an item in the next issue. Contact me at ronbarn@otelco.net
  8. Frankly, I had never heard of "horsehair" carpet. I just reviewed the 1927 Marmon Book of Facts which describes the features of the Model L and sure enough it says the floor of the rear compartment (rumble seat area) is covered with "finest grade horsehair carpet". Would hogshair carper be an acceptable substitute for judging purposes?
  9. Sally's '27 Marmon needs "high quality horse hair carpet" for the rumble seat floor. Is there a source for this type of carpet or a recommended substitute that won't enrage the judges?
  10. Just can't resist this one either. Showing Marmons is always fun. Nevermind the question, "Who made it?". How about, "Were they really made in Salt Lake City?" or "Aren't you guys the ones with the famous Tabernacle Choir". For that one my normal response, "Yea and I have to leave soon for practice." I even prepared a PowerPoint presentation on the history of the Marmon automobile a and the opening slide reads "Spreading the Gospel of Marmon".
  11. Don't hang around much anymore, but cannot resist this topic. On a scale of one to ten, Sally must be about an eleven. She owns several mopeds and cars, has won several 1st Juniors and Seniors, won Master Editor award for region newsletter, is a Senior Master Judge with over 125 credits including being Chief Judge for three National Meets and one AGNM, won two National awards for her judging, has participated on over 30 National tours, attended 25 AACA Annual Meetings in Philadelphia, and is currently the President of the AACA Library and Research Center. We tried several hobbies over our 40+ years of marriage and could not find one we both liked until we got our 1934 Chevy and really got involved in the antique vehicle hobby - big time! We hope to have her 1927 Marmon finished this year.
  12. Dan was one of my best friends. Some of you may not know, but one of the reasons he was so passionate about AACA, his father was a National Director until his death back in the early '80s. I could take up a long reply with what he has meant to me and the fun we have had as AACA members, antique auto hobbiests, and fun loving friends, but let it be just said, we have all lost a great friend. Fortunately, Sally and I spend a couple of days with Dan and Judy just a couple of months ago and I will always cherish the photo of the two of us at some meet several years ago. Thank you Dan for being there for so many of us. Good by Big Bird, Ron
  13. Good suggestions. When the owner called me I suggested that he install a temporary independent guage to give him a check of the permanent guage. Have not heard back from him. The cold oil suggestion may very well be the problem - the car is in Australia and it is their winter at this time. Will ask him to check the screen in the pan - there is no filter on this car (1927 Marmon) unless he installed an aftermarket unit. Thanks, Ron
  14. The following sequence happens when starting a car (make and year not mentioned at this time since it is probably not important): 1. Car starts fine and at idle oil pressure goes to 30-35 psi which is normal. 2. Start moving the car and under acceleration the oil drops to near zero. 3. Go back to idle and the oil pressure picks up. 4. After running for a while and warming up, the oil pressure settles out at 30-35 psi. Is there a problem? What is the problem? Is there a potential for engine damage during the low pressure cycle? Ron
  15. It may not have been that long ago, but I remember when I was the first poster on this forum to reach 100, then 500 and then 1000. And now look at my pathetic numbers compared to Wayne at over 8000! My graphic has even disappeared.
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