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  1. I was wondering if there is something that can be added to this 10% ethanol gas to make my vehicles run better?thanks. Jeff Mealer Mt. Juliet,TN
  2. "I saw this car for $300 changed the plugs on it and runs perfectly" vs "I saw this car for $300 changed the plugs,distributor,plug wires,coil,generator,wiring harness,fuel filter,carburator,fuel lines,ignition switch,battery,coil wire and still can't get this &^#%&@#!! to run".(speaking from experience) Jeff Mealer Mt. Juliet,TN.
  3. How about a guy standing beside his classic car at a gas pump crying as he fills up his gas tank,hehe. Jeff Mealer Mt. Juliet,TN.
  4. During this time of year,what do you do to get rid of your car fever?Personally,in my area the temperature varies enough so as I can drive my cars once in awhile.We have a few local indoor shows and I also have a diecast collection to mess with.This winter I've helped a friend in his automotive shop,I attend my AACA meetings,and worked on my car website.Just looking for some new ideas. Jeff Mealer Mt. Juliet,TN.
  5. I do a website that is free to me.Look at My website is I think it costs about $4.95 a month for a domain. Jeff Mealer Mt.Juliet,TN.
  6. As far as last summer goes one determining factor was the @##^#^%##$ heat.Sitting on a parking lot with 105 degree weather mmmmmmm boy makes your mouth water. Jeff Mealer Mt Juliet,TN
  7. What i have seen in my area is guys maybe going to a free cruise-in vs having to pay for a car show.Most car shows have yet to drop their registration fees inorder to keep participation up.I do alot of car shows and cruise-ins because these are my vacations:). Jeff Mealer Mt. Juliet,TN.
  8. I always get a kick out of driving my old cars and the reactions I get whether at a show,filling up for gas,whatever.My Cadillac for instance had two guys get on one end each and one yelled to the other to see if they could hear each other.The Riv,people always try to guess what year it is(usually wrong).The caddy had a person comment that it was the "batmobile".A Sonic worker came over the intercom and commented about my caddy and said"what is that?".What funny comment have you heard about your car?
  9. What I find interesting is the the so called "experts" in design of the new car magazines.When a car company "strays" of the beaten path of an egg car and adds something "extra",they do not look well on it all.they question the need of a crease at a belt line,port holes,extra chrome,whatever.There has to be something besides the emblem to tell what kind of car is it.when the 2005 Chrysler 300 came out there was "experts" saying it wouldn't sell,HA!yeah right. Jeff Mealer Mt. Juliet,TN
  10. I like one that is PAID FOR,like my 2002 Dodge truck which i bought new.If i want something "new" i'll buy another old car,hehe.Actually i'm waiting for Dodge to make a Dakota with a multi-fuel system that gets alot better gas mileage.Mine still has long ways to go before it "retires".Did like the comment about non-powered windows.My truck doesn't have alot of fancy features and i like it that way too:). Jeff Mealer Mt. Juliet,TN.
  11. The pontiac aztek has my vote. Jeff Mealer Mt. Juliet,TN.
  12. You can see my 65 buick riv on two country music videos"wherever you are"by jack ingram and "heartbreakers alibi"by rhonda vincent w/dolly parton:). Jeff Mealer Mt Juliet,TN
  13. Jeff(pitt64)just yesterday they showed a beautifully restored bronze 63 Grand Prix on Spike TV's 'power block".I've seen the car personally at a car show a week ago.One word to describe it would be,WOW! Jeff Mealer Mt. Juliet,TN.
  14. They say hindsight is 20/20 and we should learn from other people's mistakes so just what is your biggest mistake you have made in the auto hobby?My personal one was not buying a 1957 Lincolin MkII that was a steal of a price.I bought a 1960 Cadillac instead.for the money i sunk into the caddy i could have finished the Mk II WITH ALOT LEFT OVER.Oh well. Jeff Mealer Mt. Juliet,TN.
  15. I would say i have 3 out of 5 so far just lack a 1958 olds or pontiac 2 door hardtop and a reproduction 60's style batmobile(can't afford a real one). Jeff Mealer Mt. Juliet,TN 1965 Buick Riviera 1965 Pontiac Bonneville 2 door 1960 Cadillac Coupe DeVille