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  1. I found him on FB, but had a hard time finding him on eBay.
  2. Looking for a replacement driver's side door power window wiring harness (AND BOOT if possible) for my 68.
  3. Just my opinion: It needs way too much for that to be a $20K car. I can see $15-ish.
  4. I call the guy last week. His bottom line is $20k. For me, that was a little more than what my top line was (lol).
  5. That make sense. I thought the traction bar was used to counter the torsional stresses transmitted to the differential by the drive shaft. Maybe?
  6. Is the sway bar installed on all 68' s, or is part of the GS handling package?
  7. I found what I wanted and bought it yesterday for $14.9 The paint is a 2/10 and the interior is an 8/10 From the 3rd party inspection: "This 1968 Buick Riviera is in good running and driving condition with a few flaws to note. I found no issues on the test drive. The engine had plenty of power and there were no misfires or smoking. The transmission shifted as designed with no harsh engagement or slipping. The steering was responsive and the suspension was firm and the vehicle handled well. There were no abnormal vibrations or odd noises. The brakes were firm with no pulsation felt. There were no leaks found to the underside of the vehicle." It will give me something to do.
  8. No, sir. This is something different.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, all. I think I’m going to hold off. What I really want is a blue 68’ that’s just ready to drive, but saw the 69’ and got a little liquored up at the thought of buying the 69'.
  10. Assuming the body and interior are in terrific shape, and there isn’t anything wrong with the car, is $12k reasonable? Just based on typical market value. I'm not even sure what a rebuild costs.
  11. I’m looking at a 69 to buy, but it has 114k miles on it. How many miles before a rebuild is in order?
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