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  1. Hey Jacob, if you decide to keep the original wheels, I found Maxxis P185/80/13 on Amazon for about $125 each, cheaper than the Coker brand. Firestone made that size in the past, but not anymore. Also, I have an original 62 Special Deluxe convertible, it has the 215 V8, but if you need any pics of how things came from the factory I would be than more than happy to send. Thanks, Mark
  2. Thanks Ben, good to know it’s working as designed.
  3. Hey Rodney, installed my first Speedhut temp gauge. I put the sensor in the upper radiator hose, used an adapter and grounded to engine, as to keep the factory light. I did have a question about the gauge, when I turn the key to off the needle stays at the most recent position, not returning to zero. Is that normal? I have it powered to an accessory where it powers up only with the key on. Thanks a bunch.
  4. Great looking car, can’t go wrong with a black rag top👍
  5. Very nice custom gauge mount, I went with the black face too to match the current dials and help with the glare from the sun here in Florida.😎
  6. Thanks Rodney, I went to a family owned local auto parts store and would you believe they had a box of Series 56 brass terminals and housings behind the counter. 40 cents each! BTW, I designed and ordered my first Speedhut Temp gauge, can’t wait till it gets here. lol
  7. Thanks so much Frank that really helps, the “franchise” parts store hadn’t a clue when I showed them the terminals in the pic. I do have a open barrel crimper so I can see what I am doing. This is my first car from the early 60’s, so trying to keep as original as possible, being a novice historian.
  8. Any idea where I can find original type wire connector housing and / or quality terminals. Lots of cheap thin parts out there, looking for some quality parts to show respect to the old girl. 😁
  9. Also Rodney, where did you run your wires through the firewall, was there an existing grommet or did you have to make a hole. I can’t see on mine there is quite a bit of old black adhesive on mine. Thanks for answering all the questions, since you have had your car apart, quite impressive.
  10. Thanks Rodney it does, makes sense with the t-fitting for the pressure sensors. I researched the steppers and the digital tech is very accurate. I agree with your early post, when I go to cruise in events here in Florida, out of 150-200 cars, I am the only Special convertible too among many Mustangs and Corvettes. lol
  11. Rodney, nice work on your custom gauges. Did you use the existing port that holds the temp light sending unit or is there another spot on the 215 so you can have both the warning light and temp gauge. Are your gauges mechanical or electrical? Thanks, Mark
  12. Very nice car, I like the color combo. The Skylark has the 4 barrel carb and they didn’t make a 61 convertible and the 63 has a different body style, is that correct?
  13. Thanks so much for the info, SMS fabrics sent me a sample. Here are some exterior pics
  14. My trim code is 140, could not find any references to that color, it looks original, but I am not sure. Also was the undercoating a dealer or factory applied, it’s still pretty much intact after 60 yrs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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