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  1. Here is a link where you can see that the crank is turning but the camshaft takes a but longer before it will move with it
  2. Hi all. so today i had the time to take off the oil pan. Which was very easy. All the bolts were accessible. The inside was very clean and nice. We took of the caps and did the plastigauge as seennin the picture. We measured 0,025mm or for you 0,001” after further inspection we might found the problem. When turning the crankshaft it took a small moment before the camshaft turned. When we peaked to the front of the crank we could see the chain. And we think the chain is overstretched and causing the noise. So to be sure. I will look around for a new chain and sprocket. Checking the th
  3. The wrist pin is maybe to see with a camera through the sparkplug hole. Turning the crankshaft and see what the piston does. The sound is more present on acceleration and half throttle like in the interior video. Less on deaccelaration. Wednesday hopefully i will have conclusion.
  4. Thanks. Iately i still drove the car because i just love it. Now it is more clear it is a rod bearing maybe i will take it more easy. Wednesday i have to drive it 20 miles to the garage who are specialized in these kind of repairs. Will post here what the outcome is. For my knowlegde, can the camshaft also cause this kind of noise (since it also on the noise side of the engine). to be continued
  5. Thanks all for the help. At this moment im still leaning towards lower block. Reason is indeed that the sound is still there without fan belt and fuelpump. Also hard to tell by a video but standing by the open hood it realy comes from the lower parts. The sparkplug test will be the first next week and then the plastigauge hopefully on a cilinders thats quiet after missing its spark. Is a oilpan from a 1940 special model41 removable without any crossmembers in the way?
  6. I have a early 1940 special. I found a picture of the rod. I marked it with 2 red lines. Is that the location of the shim?
  7. The waterpump and fan belt are just last week replaced. The sound is also clearly coming from lower in the engine and not front. I will do the check with cancel the spark per cilinder
  8. Is there a picture how the shims look like on the babbit? So i know what to look for?
  9. Goodmorning. thanks for the tips so far. Some additional info. The fuelpump is replaced for and electric version. The location of the mechanical fuelpump has a cap on it. So thats not the issue. The engine is a 248. And with a stethoscope it was clearly from the bottom end. @37_Roadmaster_C dobyou have a picture of how a shim looks like on the connecting rod? So it is possible if there are still shims to remove 1 and no rebuild is needed? As for the wrist pin the garage said maybe we can put in a small camera through the sparkplug hole and turn the crank to see if the pisto
  10. After a few setbacks since i got the car there is still 1 sound i dont trust. After trying to pinpoint the location it looks like the inside of bottom engine. I do have nice oil pressure at low and high rpm. To be sure i want to remove the oil pan to check if there is play somewhere. So started to read on this forum. But ive read two thing. Babbit and shims. Is it possible to check from the underside for play in the connecting rod? Are there shims i can check? I will go crazy if i already need an engine rebuild after owning the car for 5 months. hope i will get some reaction since i cant slee
  11. Okay guys. This my best and made 2 short video clips. I hope you are able you hear that strange ticking sound which are not the valves but lower in the engine and best heared when slighty with a pulling engine and less with idle.
  12. I bought the car with the bent pushrods apperently. Think due to long storage the valve were stuck. I will make a video of the sound. Who knows it helps. At this moment i am waiting for the waterpump
  13. Hey guys, already done a 350 mile orso with the new pushrods and all works good. But there is still a ticking sound in my engine. Can it be that the reason the pushrods were bent as seen on the picture on page one, the solid lifters also took a beating? If so maybe better to replace them? Or is there a way to test them? Thank all!
  14. Here i am parked on the location where in 1941 there was still a church. The whole village was destroyed to make room to become a test location for weapons during world war 2. The mozaïek floor is still there. This place is called Lathen. I live close to the border. The pictures above are on the Netherlands side of the border in the village Ter Apel
  15. Thanks guys. I am for sure not allowed to have them on the car instead of the dutch license plates. I can put them on together. But that doesnt look right. I will install them on a show or display or maybe the occasional photoshoot
  16. Since my car came from New Jersey ( before being shipped to Belgium and then to the Netherlands) can these license plates be something that could be on the car in 1940?
  17. I bought a sticker set at rubbertherightway but as you can see it is too big. I emailed them a fee times but no reaction from them. So will leave it for now.
  18. If i spam to much just tell me to stop 😬
  19. In this picture you can see how far i am cleaning the underside and give it some protection. You can also see the orange balloon in my spring (doenst matter which way i upload the picture i keep showing upside down)
  20. I have 2 springs, 2 shock links and 2 shocks on the way. But since i retightend the shocklinks topbolt in the frame rail it is already much quieter. I also refilled the shocks and that was also a huge difference. U fortunately 1 shock i so worn that even the thickest oil doesnt make the shock stiff anymore. When all the parts have arrived i will install them including the air bags from tigerball for extra stability
  21. Why the knock will stop if you disconect the sparkplug wire? So there are no extra forces on that piston? I have also a small knock when cold. Did the pushrods already. Dont know if the solid lifters can cause it?
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