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  1. At the great risk of starting a war... I thought it would be fun to as this question. I have always been a big believer in driving the heck out of cars, no matter what the vehicle, but certain ones obviously lend themselves to it more easily than others. What are the best pre-war cars for lots of touring and regular use? Reliability & drive-ability. I know there is a huge technology disparity between 1927 and 1941, so I want to focus on mostly 1927-1934 or so. Buick, Auburn, Duesenbergs, Packards, Pierces, Cadillac, LaSalle, Lincolns, Chryslers (including airflows)
  2. Thanks for the information everyone. I know I want something prewar. While my ultimate goal is an early 30's full classic, the funds won't be there for a while, and realistically it won't be as reliable or capable as a driver as an early 40's car. Really, my main debate right now it whether I want a 1941 Buick or a 1939-1941 Cadillac (60 special or 62). I like the uniqueness of the inline 8, and the extra power, though I know the Cadillac's are excellent cars for long distance cruising. Such a hard choice with no real wrong way to go!
  3. Yes, my apologies for the possible confusion there. Interested in the cars with specifically the larger engine. As much as I like the idea of the Century and owning "the banker's hotrod," I fully intend to drive it often, and will be looking for either a Roadmaster or Limited with the larger interior, unless of course a perfect Century comes along to sway me otherwise. PS: I also found your Buick thread Neil! between Gary W's, Matt's, and now your thread, I feel set for life! Thanks everyone, Fox
  4. Thanks for the recommendation Matt. As I said, I really enjoyed your thread and follow closely the insight you and others like edinmass have regarding classics. At 21, I still have a lot to learn both in history and hands-on mechanics, and am consuming the information as much as I can as it is all massively fascinating. I had a look at that brochure and some other sales brochures, and it all goes fairly basically over what was available. Does anyone have an option sheet/build sheet for these cars? Matt, in your thread you mention how fogs were dealer installed in some cases, but is th
  5. I have had a good read through Matt Harwood's Buick Limited thread and decided a 1941 Buick would be a wonderful car to own. The style, drive-ability, and comfort really appeal to me, especially as I plan to drive it as much as I possibly can both day-to-day and on extended tours -- something that I can gently modify into a bullet-proof driver. I definitely want a larger series car, Century up to Limited, and love all of the body styles, with no real preference to anything particular. I enjoy the idea of a Limited, as the comfort, features, and rarity appeal to me. My question is:
  6. A couple cars in Canada, both in Canadian Dollars. The Chrysler needs a bit of reassembly and who knows what else. The Buick looks well kept but could use an engine bay cleanse. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/st-catharines/1936-chrysler-airlfow/1466488361?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true $9,500 https://www.kijiji.ca/v-voiture-collection/st-georges-de-beauce/1936-buick-series-40/1466614046?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true $25,000
  7. I must say, I absolutely love seeing the Dodge around Edmonton. Makes me want to go out and buy a similar car and daily drive the thing. The wood roof rack looks perfect on the car, especially loaded up with period luggage! Overall the car just has the perfect "look."
  8. Thanks for the reply. I had a read of that a few days ago but did not find the technical information I am looking for.
  9. Hey everyone, Looking at purchasing my first Buick. I have found a couple nice sedans, 1931 80's with the 344ci 8. I have has several other vehicles from this era, up through the early 40's, so I am familiar with the basics of driving a vehicle from this era, but never a luxury maker (Fords and Chevy's). Both cars have undergone full restorations and are in almost identical condition, the only difference is one has wire wheels, sidemounts and high speed gears, while the other has wood wheels with standard gearing and a single rear spare. Both cars have
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