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  1. Need to borrow the Ex Wife for the carpool lane, Teddy isn't cutting it
  2. Let this be a reminder....replace your rubber fuel lines.
  3. I've noticed that many early A604 cars have Mopar reman transmissions in it, including a black V6 TC I used to service. Same with a 91 Acclaim and 94 Voyager I bought used, both had pretty gray remans in them. Back when my folks bought a brand new 93 Plymouth Grand Voyager, the A604 transmission failed in the warranty period and due to the high volume of failures, we had a loaner car for over a month while they waited for a replacement transmission. I remember the service manager pointing to a row of minivans, explaining that they were all waiting for new transmissions. I did all the external
  4. Thanks Hemi. It gets very hot here in Georgia, plus I live in the north part of the state with mountains and plenty of hills. My track record with A604 transmissions has been bad, I've had 3 fail on me, all in heavier minivans right around the same mileage, 130-140K, I should have at least another 90K out of this one hahaha.
  5. So my last "upgrade" didn't get much love-luggage rack, but this is more of an essential upgrade. I installed a factory transmission cooler from a 89 Turbo TC on my 91 V6. The V6 cars were equipped with a very fragile automatic transmission known as the A604/Ultradrive which was plagued with issues from the beginning. I did all the external upgrades to help prolong it's life. The V6 cars used the small integrated transmission cooler built in the radiator, which I'm not a fan of at all. I bypassed it and plumbed in the factory large cooler to help keep the fluid nice and cool. It was direct bol
  6. I'll was planning on bypassing it eventually. I can smell it leaking though nothing has actually dripped on the floor but I know a bad heater core when I smell it. Once again, neglect on the previous owner(s) not servicing the cooling system. It was completely rusted and sludged up.
  7. I posted this on Facebook. The car is for sale as a whole at Pick-N-Pull. $1599 (plus fees and taxes I assume). No clue of the running condition. Its a 90-91 V6. Looks like it could be made road worthy assuming it doesn't have some catastrophic drivetrain failure.
  8. Both my tops leak, the soft top is the worst offender. On top of that my driver quarter window seal leaks and my heater core may have a small leak, I just can't win with keeping the interior dry hahaha. On a good note, the trunk is 100% dry.
  9. It's pretty much for looks. It dresses up the back end, which looks rather boring, plus it always bothered me that the peak hood line is taller then the trunk line, puts it in better proportions. I used rubber expansion nuts and grommets to seal it from any water intrusion. The last thing I need are more water leaks, lord knows I've got enough coming from the tops and windows.
  10. Thanks for the comments. Honestly the car isn't as clean as the pictures make it look. It actually hides some scratches on the trunk lid from the previous owner using the car as a storage shelf as it sat for 6 years.
  11. Criticisms welcome, I added a factory luggage rack from a 84 LeBaron to my 91 TC to dress the back end up a bit. I personally love the look.
  12. I've got a camper van, but no time. This is a self serve yard. You have to pull the parts your self.
  13. It's an 8 hour drive for me, if I had the time I'd honesty take a "mini vacation" to check it out.
  14. Second one I've stumbled across this year. 1990 White/Black V6. Car was very rusty, obviously not from around here. Interior was decent. I grabbed the black cloth soft top, it's in good condition-not perfect but better than my torn vinyl one. Rear brake calipers were completely rusted, couldn't unseize them from the axle. ZC2FS1202LB205314 130K on the odometer.
  15. Grab that soft top, they're getting hard to find in good shape. I just pulled one from a 90 that showed up at a yard here, its in decent shape, was going to use it on my 91. 3 bolts on each side and it comes out, helps to have two people.
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