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  1. This might be old news for some, but I replaced the original accumulator on my 91 with 46K as part of the ABS system maintenance. As we all know these have a shelf life of 10 years or 120K. My car is nearly 30 years old (2/90 build date) so it's way overdue. Doing some research, the AC Delco part 25528382 is NLA and the Jaguar part JLM1907 is ridiculously overpriced. A little research later I found that the Wabco STC2784 Accumulator is a direct fit and costs shy of $200. It's for Land Rover/Range Rovers and are readily available. The Reatta guys have been using it for a while with no ill effects. I installed it on my 91 this past weekend. Performs great. Before, every time I'd start the car the red "BRAKE" and ABS lights would stay on for about 30 seconds and the pump would run for a while until the system built pressure. Now, even after multiple trips and the red "BRAKE" light doesn't even illuminate and the ABS light comes on for the customary system check and goes off. Very happy with the results. The accumulator is slightly larger then stock but fits snugly. Also performed a brake flush, which I'll probably do again since it had never been done before.
  2. That's the way I'd normally do it, but my 91 is an all original 46K mile example and I want to keep it as original as possible. I'm going to replace my accumulator along with a brake flush (never been done as far as I know) if I can find a lesser loved 90-91 V6 car I'd have fun, delete the Teves and do a manual transmission swap.
  3. The accumulator is the same as GM part 25528382 or Jaguar JMC1907. Chrysler discontinued the parts decades ago, the GM part has been "Discontinued" but the Jag part is still available, at a pretty high cost. I ran those numbers on eBay and found several new units available for around $280+ with positive reviews, they are not specifically labeled by who manufactures them. These accumulators do have a shelf life of 10 years, so getting a "New Old Stock" unit may not be wise.
  4. It was a kit made specifically for the TC, not sure of the company still exists but I have the paperwork for it. I'll check tonight. It does rotate but it's pretty easy to control and use.
  5. Top looks beautiful! Mine, despite the cars low original mileage, looks much more worn then the rest of the car. Because for 10+ years it was a Florida vacation home car and the original owners left the hard top in Wisconsin when they shipped the car down there. So it's faded and has a ugly rip in it, not to mention the broken top pull down. Hoping to source a nice used tan soft top. The guy I bought from included a "Top Hoist" which consists of a crank cable pulley system, a special top holding bar and straps. Works well. I wish I had a bigger garage so I can safely store the hard top out of the way.
  6. As pointed out, all 91 TCs were built in 1990. My 91 is a Feb 90 build date, most of the original parts are stamped "1989". I usually look up parts as a 90 3.0 TC or Lebaron.
  7. Had to put the hard top back on as the TC has been temporarily kicked out of the garage. The finished porthole repair, pretty good, just a few small air bubbles I couldn't get out. I suppose I should have cleaned it up before taking the picture, but its a 110% improvement.
  8. I'm not terribly worried about it, my current TCM works just fine, probably the best shifting A604 I've ever owned probably due to it's super low mileage and fresh ATF+4. I'll scope around the connector and see if it has that PIN. I grabbed the TCM because finding any 1995-older Mopar in the junkyards is hard, let alone a 89-91..need to stockpile hard to find parts.
  9. Yes it's the flash-able one. I used my Snap On scanner to do a quick learn on it prior to the test drive. It shifts just fine, just no lockup function. I did read about a wire that needs to be cut at the connector (if it has it), I need to inspect my TCM connector if it has that wire.
  10. A few months ago I was out at the junkyard getting a few things, there was a 89 V6 minivan that had a newer Mopar reman TCM with the latest software so I grabbed it knowing these updated modules improve the general operation of the A604 transmission. I installed it in my 91, it works fine but I have NO lock up function, engine sits at 3500 RPM at 65 MPH. According to the TSB I read, the proper updated TCM number is 4796121 which is the one I have. Is there some kind of modification I have to make to get the lock-up function to work again? The old module works fine, I just grabbed this one because I know these parts are getting scarce and it would be nice to have the latest software to prolong the longevity of the A604. Already did a fluid and filter change with ATF+4 and a genuine Mopar filter. Thanks
  11. Gotta love the TC...Yacht club Friday, Autocross Saturday. Most capable sports luxury touring coupe. 😉
  12. Got around to doing the portholes. Used the heat gun trick and it worked like a charm. The right side popped right out (pictured with the removed foggy silicone), the left side took some patience for it to separate but got it off. Cleaned off the old silicone and applied a golf ball size glob of some Lexel clear silicone sealant. It's gotta cure for a few weeks, which is okay because the top is currently off. Will update with the finished product.
  13. Had the same issue with my soft top after not being used for 10 years or so. Had to let it stretch out, both in the sun and at night in the garage for several days. Finally got it to latch without popping out. Also helped to lube the rear latching mechanism and latches. My motor doesn't work so I use the manual override in the trunk.
  14. Rest in peace, Lee. 94 years old. Drive your TC through the pearly gates.
  15. Rockauto lists Four Seasons 55536 Discharge Line for various 91-93 Chrysler products. Very similar to your line except it does not have the provision for the pressure switch, must have been a 1990 only thing. It might be possible if you have a shop that rebuilds or makes custom A/C lines to add a port for the switch. Have you tried Central Florida Auto salvage? They list a 91 TC in their inventory. As long as the flanges are okay you can have the rubber portion and crimps redone.