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  1. I'm happy for you, mine has never run better than recently, cruised it up to Lime Rock CT with my brother for there fall festival event. Winding through the mountains along the river, down shifting and passing anything in front of us.
  2. I need one of those, I guess I'm going to have to find a cheap Ferrari 308 some place.
  3. Hi Reaper, I also received black plug wires from rick last summer, sort of disappointed but didn't want to whine, never thought about the loom thing. What diameter loom did you use? I was just looking for red loom on line and came across these that could look sharp considering the original separators (bracket) disappeared. THANKS, Peter
  4. Hi Gang, Replacing original fuel pressure regulator tomorrow, DOHC's run at 55 pounds of pressure, I bought a Delphi FPR (FP 10036) that runs at 44lb'ss , should I be concerned ? I notice another few that are supposedly compatible are also rated for 43-44 pounds. ACTUALLY I just looked at the Standard at rock auto and that rated 55 lbs, but what i have heard and read that DELPHI is a better product than standard.
  5. It's a Standard, aftermarket I remember now, I couldn't find an OEM MOPAR, looking around just now and finding a MOPAR 4886069AA at a few sites but but when I "check fitment" is say's will not fit 89 TC DOHC.
  6. After market, I heard that also but through one in any ways, I was convenient at the time. when it runs it runs very smooth so I thought I was ok with the HEP.
  7. New hall effect plate (HEP?) also
  8. Hi guys, MY DOHC out of storage three weeks ago, new fuel pump, tank, and sending unit installed last week, been running great,\the few times I've taken it out, very excited till today, It cut out three times, just like someone turned the ignition off in the middle of traffic. I coast to the best possible place, put on my flashers shut everything down and wait 15 minutes and she will start like nothing ever happened and take me another five miles or so and repeat. It seems the longer I let her rest the farther she will take me till I got home. Any thoughts on what to look at next? MAP sensor? Fuel pressure regulator? Last summer new, cap, rotor, coil, plugs, throttle sensor, two years ago new external fuel filter. Afterthought! I just went and checked codes and did find a 54 (distributer sync pickup circuit), its odd they are new parts last fall and the car is running and sounding great, then nothing?? Thanks again, Peter
  9. Awesome, I'm tempted, Got a local shop I took my TC to a week ago and who said he would resurface and make like new for $600 and keep original. or go to 16" with easier to clean rims, I'm torn because my 15" tires are practically new. add new tires getting up to $1200
  10. Sorry for your loss, that's ridiculous, a classic like that in that condition (especially DOHC) should have sold for at least $10k
  11. I'm hoping if I keep tweaking and buffing mine for 10 years I might get $15K+ for my 16v. totally under appreciated. a friend of mine has a similar 73 BMW 3.0S that just sold for $145K on Bat
  12. Wow, you got a lot of work ahead, how much for your ex wife?
  13. Must be fun, Rick offered me that package a few years ago when I was replacing a blown turbo, upgraded turbo, stage2 computer, upgraded injectors and a few other things, I was tempted but passed. Personally for me the 16v has as much power as I need and is so fun to drive, I was just looking for any simple tweaks to enhance it without starting any major projects. I pulling it out of winter storage on Saturday and already have a laundry list of thing I need/ want to address. Thanks
  14. That's what I'm looking for, Thanks
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