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  1. I dont think mine is in there, 203797 89 red/tan DOHC . In great shape inside and out. running great just during the summer, 17K miles, repaired the odometer wheel within a hundred miles of noticing it was broken a few years back.
  2. Thanks, I'll keep it in mind when I pull the trigger, probably next spring.
  3. Thanks Nile, Your car looks sharp with those rims, I think I'm gonna hold off for a while, my income might be questionable down the road.
  4. Thinking of new rims, I guess original are 15" but after reviewing the forum experts a lot have gone to 16" I invested new tires 2K miles ago, was thinking of switching because easier to clean, sharper look, reasonable price, I think my clear coat is coming off , faded dull. But new rims I can handle right now for around $400 Tire Rack but rims and tires $900+ when I have relatively new tires already. Anyone want to persuade me to go to 16" , performance , ride ect.. otherwise stick with my newer tires on the original rims that back in the day very cool and custom. Or get new 15/7/5X100 rims and put my newer tires on them. I only drive the TC about 3K a year and the pic shows the best looking rim right after cleaning. I really shouldn't but anything but toilet paper these days??? from what I hear. Thanks PESD
  5. Thanks everyone, I got it, just waiting on some nicer weather, I've got a detached heated garage out back but I have a tenant living above and doesnt like paint or exhaust fumes, I can paint in there with the windows and doors open but right now its snowing out, April 18th ??
  6. Thanks Hemi, I was going to go that route, the thing that made me question was that one seller of Exotic Red touch up was selling a a version specific for plastic.
  7. Might be a silly question, may be I should be able to tell but are the side mirrors on the TC metal, fiberglass , plastic? Need to do some touch up , and lookin for the best application. thx
  8. Thanks a lot for your input Reaper, Other people that have driven the car have mentioned that the clutch is hard / heavy and I've always thought that that was just the way it was meant to be, and maybe it is. I'm Getting a little older with hip replacements and then some left foot surgery might be my issue, not the mechanics of the car. A couple years ago two months before my dad passed away and left me his TC I convinced him to take it out for a ride, we did and though he could barely get into the car with his mobility issues we were down the road with a glow on his face I will never forget. I'm hoping that I will still be working the clutch in a sports car with a smile on my face at the age of 87. You may think that he shouldn't be driving then, but he was sharp as a tack mentally , we spent most weekends at Lime rock were he was the track medical physician during races but good friends with a lot of the drivers including Paul Newman. My family (6 brothers and sisters, 20 nieces and nephews) still meets up there almost every Memorial day weekend, were my brother now races and has started a large sports car restoration shop. Sorry to get off on a memory tangent, maybe I might reach out to you about the hydraulic clutch set up. Hopefully I'm good for the next two or three summers. THX
  9. I'm very sure it is, I know you know your cars, you were very helpful to me last spring when I had a blown turbo in my TC and I'm the one who sent you a picture of the original General Lee you used to work on. Are those TC rims on the Voyager in your allpar minivan post?
  10. Thanks again Hemi, I consider the TC a sports car (even though I believe it was built as a "touring car" TC) and as I grew up with cars one of the things that make a sports car fun is a standard transmission. when driving the 16v on a nice day and you drop it into second or third , hit the gas and the turbo kicks in, that car takes off, pressed back against the seat and a little adrenaline rush. Most of the time I baby it, but every now and then its nice to open it up. I'm not sure you would get that kick with a manual trani, though that is adventurous of your conversion, I'll check out your allpar links tonight.
  11. Thanks Hemi, I'll live with the pain, I love driving my TC, I dont even think about it while driving it's just afterwards.
  12. Hi Gang, Just getting my 16v out of storage this week, the weather is still not great up here in New England. The Clutch pedal has always been"heavy" (tough to push in), never bugged me and always fun to drive BUT, I had foot surgery last year that never healed properly, at the end driving for a few hours last fall my foot was sore and swollen. Is there any adjustment so it wasn't as hard to push in, thought I would ask, I looked in the manual and didn't see anything. Thanks
  13. thanks anyhow, all back together running great and it wasn't a V6
  14. Hemi, I was in Manchester CT today, thought about you when I passed by this.