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  1. Correction, Chris in Arizona at Turbo's Unleashed, Sorry Chris!
  2. Thanks, I have already talked to Chris, he sounds very knowledgeable and professional, I will most likely ship this off to him to see if its rebuild able. thx again, peter
  3. Thanks Reaper1, sent the question before I saw your reply. I did wind up taking the exhaust manifold off. got the turbo out, definitely shot, lots of play up and down, ordered a rebuild kit but have not completely dissembled it. a couple friends think the impeller fins might be bent. I'm hoping they might be ok, nothing to compare to. options; $120 Rebuild it using the $120 kit and hope that it runs properly (assuming the shaft and fins arn't that far gone) $350 send it to Chris in Florida Turbos Unlimited who does rebuilds if possible (assuming the shaft and fins arn't that far gone) $1000 New turbo I've seen online Rick at RDI performance (lots of TC parts) maybe an aftermarket option?
  4. Looking at all options, does anyone know of aftermarket turbo that will fit ( work with) the 16 valve?
  5. Thanks Reaper & Hemi, back at it today, thought I would have the turbo out tonight. How the hell do you get the two lower nuts off connecting the Turbo to the exhaust manifold???? can get an open end on the nut but no room for any leverage to turn, and that looks like the easy one of the two. got the upper, last two bolts to pull this. Any advise is more than appreciated. THANKS
  6. Just last week spent Sunday getting to the turbo, almost have it out for inspection, only had a few hours last week. On a lift, removed the front right drive assembly ( according to the manual) going back to continue this coming Saturday. Will keep you posted after I get it out. My new question? : Oil all over the place mostly towards the passenger side (front of engine), what would be the most probable leaking point I should address while its on a lift? I suspect crank or cam seals, how difficult to find and replace. THANKS as always for any help & direction. pesd
  7. Hi Hemi, A while back you suggested blocking off the oil feed line to the turbo to see if the exhaust smoke stops, if it does we know that's the culprit. I plan on doing that first when I get it on a lift in the next couple weeks. I plan on doing it for the minimal amount of time BUT could I possibly damage the turbo running it for a short period without oil maybe causing another problem if it is not the culprit (I believe or hope it is). A turbo swap sounds easier than an engine tear down. And yes Reaper1 I will do a leak down next if the the turbo looks ok. THANKS
  8. As always thanks for your help, I'll keep an eye out for a 2500 down the road, right now I'm drained after Christmas. In a couple weeks I'll be resuming my troubleshooting and repair of my TC and I'm sure I'll be looking for some of your expertise. Happy New Year
  9. Looking for and inexpensive scanning tool / OBD for a 16 valve. I have a bluetooth OBD2 for my newer cars, do the adapters work or might it be more reliable doing the key on off thing? Thanks for any suggestions
  10. Thanks Reaper1, I owe you and Hemi Dude for your input and expertise, unfortunately I am cramming all my hours into my real job for the next couple weeks anticipating the time I will miss for my hip surgery I mentioned. Unfortunately I dont think I will be under a car until the beginning of next year (unless I get run over). Until then any thoughts or Ideas are greatly appreciated, send them over, and I will review all the advice and suggestions and be back corresponding with you guys when I start turning wrenches again in January. THX, PESD
  11. I'll try to keep it quick, dont want keep you guy's hanging because I know your trying to help, THANK'S! I was planning on storing the car for the winter no matter what. The smoke is oil Recently my brother just leased an old Chrysler dealer building and is starting a sports car restoration shop. He is very knowledgeable and has been racing and rebuilding cars for the past twenty years (we both worked on sports cars with my dad since we've been about ten, 40+ years ago) We trailed it over to his shop today (for the winter) but before we put it in a corner of his showroom we put it up on a lift and took a look. Lots of oil around the bottom of the engine we assume the frond and rear seals need replacing, no oil any were around the turbo, dipstick is clear oil no milkiness , plugs look clean. He suspects the rings or valve seals are blown and an engine rebuild is most likely needed, If that"s what it is that will be my mission the beginning of next year. Hip replacement in a month. Hemi Dude, thanks, while I had it on the lift today I should have taken your advise and plugged the oil intake to the turbo to see if the smoke would calm, ( though I mention around the turbo is clean of oil on the exterior, could it be internal seals/ rings leaking causing the smoke?). Now that I think of it I will definitely try that before I start thinking about pulling the engine. Hemi Dude you mentioned the low compression is common or normal for that engine. My brother also pointed out that the 95 psi on the compression test is very low leading him to believe it's rings or seals, he pointed it out to me in the shop manual that the 16 valve should be 128 psi? I did a simple test, plugs in, dry. How do think they measure the 128 psi, wet test plugs out?? I dont know. It's odd there all 95 except #1 at 90 psi, if it were rings or seals I think the compression test would be all over the place. Above all, I dont question anyone's theories, knowledge or opinion, especially my brother who always go's above and beyond trying to help. Just trying to figure it out. Shit happens, the car is unique, fun and fast. It will be back on the road next spring, one way or another, only 14K but about thirty years old. Any advise, ideas or support is always appreciated. THANKS PESD
  12. Thanks so much for the replies and advice, I won’t have time till this coming weekend to address your suggestion(s) for diagnosis; I will keep you posted and really appreciate the input.
  13. Thanks so much for the replies and advice, I won’t have time till this coming weekend to address your suggestion(s) for diagnosis; I will keep you posted and really appreciate the input.