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  1. I'm hoping if I keep tweaking and buffing mine for 10 years I might get $15K+ for my 16v. totally under appreciated. a friend of mine has a similar 73 BMW 3.0S that just sold for $145K on Bat
  2. Wow, you got a lot of work ahead, how much for your ex wife?
  3. Must be fun, Rick offered me that package a few years ago when I was replacing a blown turbo, upgraded turbo, stage2 computer, upgraded injectors and a few other things, I was tempted but passed. Personally for me the 16v has as much power as I need and is so fun to drive, I was just looking for any simple tweaks to enhance it without starting any major projects. I pulling it out of winter storage on Saturday and already have a laundry list of thing I need/ want to address. Thanks
  4. That's what I'm looking for, Thanks
  5. Thank you for your input, at this point I dont think I'm going to invest in a performance computer and change out the BOV and map sensor (sounds expensive) maybe down the road it could be a fun project. Sort of wondering if the $20 dollar Grainger part and replacing or capping off the BOV sounded feasible without doing any damage. I'm replacing the tank, pump and sending unit this weekend, the a whole list of other TC projects I've thought of over the winter. Thanks again, Peter
  6. A moderator from Facebook who seems very nice and knowledgeable, he most likely also be a member here, posted something to me and I would like some opinions, before I start considering it. I'm fine trying to keep my TC running straight OEM, but would always try to get a little more "push / Jump" out of her if it wouldn't damage anything else or cost a lot of money. Peter Donnelly "me" might I suggest a simple $20. Grainger valve setting the boost to 13PSI? You won't be disappointed. Caviot is your stock BOV in the airbox is gonna leak boost above 10-11PSI. Replace it with plas
  7. https://classiccars.com/listings/find/all-years/chrysler/tc-by-maserati?ps=60&s=price
  8. I also have two daughters also, all grown up but they used to love rides in the convertible, last spring during the pandemic my brother asked if he could borrow the TC so my nephew could graduate HS in it, of course I said yes. Him and his wife in the front seats and my nephew with cap and gown on the tonneau cover, as I suspected as an afterthought I will be taking the car to a paintless dent removal place this spring to remove some slight buckling in the cover. I never mentioned anything to them and they did make the cover of there local news paper.
  9. Hoping to use the original but if for some reason I break a 32 year old valve, I'm looking for a "back up" option. As Reaper said it's made for a Jeep (Chrysler) application and some say it's a good replacement and some say no. https://www.allpar.com/threads/looking-for-fuel-tank-vent-valve.169565/ Either way when the time comes I will be as careful as possible using your advise to use the original, do these units fail over time? Also, I dont plan on rolling over my TC in the near future but will the wrong valve screw with engine performance? THAN
  10. Thanks, I saw that after doing some homework, I'll invest $16 just in case I cant re-use the original.
  11. Thanks Reaper, got it, been there last summer with your help.
  12. Hi all, Shopping for a new fuel pump for my 16v (also tank & sending unit) any advise? Rock auto sells a bunch but none of them look like the electrical connectors in the manual (manual shows three pins, Rock auto options show two). Rock Auto sells all three items I'm looking for under "Spectra Premium" so I trust they are compatible but is Spectra a good line of products? While I'm under the car I'm also replacing the Cat converter, any brand advise? High flow? Direct fit? 2" in and out? THANKS AGAIN, Peter
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