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  1. Got one also......I msged and they responded...........Thanks for writing. Yes, I have a 1941 Buick seats for sale original packaging for sale in excellent condition. I'm the original owner. Price is $500 shipped. I'm in Missouri and will ship via UPS. Payment will be made via Western Union. Email me your complete shipping information.
  2. I'd like to know the measurements of this seat though, just to know..lol...So your saying that only 41 Super & Roadmaster seats are the same and bolt in ready and nothing else will fit? I'm so confused....lol
  3. Wish I could go back in time and buy this seat from you, I sure need it...lol
  4. Dynaflash8, I don't have an extra carb, man I wish I could go to Hershey...lol
  5. 1941Buicknut, what parts are you looking for? Let me know, i may have something. Would you know of anyone with seats for a 2 door? Someone that may have made a street rod and didn't use the originals, I'm in need of someone that knows the 56c and give me some advice and opinions on my car, Thank you!
  6. Lol...actually Steve-V I have almost everything I need to finish the car but I'm missing the front seat bottom and the rear seat, door step plates and most all the body rubber parts, which I'm buying a few along when I have extra cash, I have several extra parts also I want to sell, I guess ill list them on the site also, well if you hear of anybody with some seats let me know, take care and talk to you later, Thank you!
  7. Hey, I need the rear seat back also, I only have the bottom and I'm not sure if it's even the correct one, it fits very tight, Thank you again, Glen
  8. Great, Thank you so much for helping me 2carb40....Bless you!!
  9. Thanks so much 2carb40, Please let me know if he is interested in selling it, it's so hard to find anybody here in East Tn where I live that has any knowledge of pre war cars especially Buicks, everyone is into more modern cars, Please let me know, Glen
  10. Steve V, I'm looking for some front seat bottom springs for my 56c, Wondering if you or someone you know would have anything? ...Im in East Tennessee, in a perfect world, if I had the money I'd come get all the parts you have..lol..Thank you for any help, Glen
  11. Thank you 2carb40 for the info, I can't find anybody that has any info much less a 56c sitting around that would sell me the seats..lol..If I can't find something that will work that I can afford I may try to make a seat bottom out of hard foam with a plywood core maybe, I'll get lucky maybe someday, Thank you!
  12. And 20" +/- in the middle.
  13. And a couple more measurements/pics on the original post, Thanks friend!