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  1. At the old shop we got a 67 corvette convertible from this guy. We had to move a bunch of junk and pry it out of his basement. According to him all it needed to start was gas. (Yeah right) we started tearing the motor down. I pulled the intake off and got the same “rain stick” sound. Turned out to be a secret stash of dog food. Dang mice!!!
  2. Ohhhh thats gut wrenching. Kinda like watching those charity commercials with all those abused animals
  3. I didn’t know that about the 4.1. Beautiful car. It would be nice to see some pictures of said worthless motor
  4. as long as people are interested in cars, motorcycles and the like, they will always be around. There are people who waste thousands and thousands of dollars on that old obsolete horse. Why? I don’t know, but it’s not because it’s practical. Stop bringing me down man. Isn’t time to change your oil?!
  5. Right. It. It could be too long. You could dig up some specs and take the ones you have to a place that makes these types of lines. We used to do the same thing with old a/c lines that busted. Cheaper than buying a new one from a parts dealer
  6. The lift fella and I took measurements and anything besides the middle is too tight against the wall. I really wanted it to one side to park a car next to it but 24 feet just isn’t enough. Overall width of a challenger LE10 is 131.75 roughly 11ft? Plus as frank said, another 3 ft at least from the wall.
  7. I wanted to have it back and to one side like you said but the lift guy came and looked at the garage and felt like the middle would be best. Guess I’ll put shelves and tools on either side? I’m gonna call him tomorrow and put in an order probably
  8. Thank you all! Truly great information. I learned a little. Probably going to stick with the original plan and go with the 2 post challenger. I thought about rotary but at the old shop we had two rotarys and a challenger in the back. I eventually claimed that back bay and moved all my tools over there I liked it so much. The four post sound nice but I like the open access space of the two post. Also my space isn’t real big. 24x40 long. I’m thinking the lift will be in the back of my garage in the middle and have to back the cars in. Another factor was $$. I got enough to get me exactly what I need and not always what I want. Here’s a shot of the garage. I just got the lights on!!! I had to rewire the 240 outlet because the electricians wired it up wrong and it kept tripping the breaker. Next I will epoxy the floor and have lift installed!!! Then I never have to go back inside my house to my loving family again!!!
  9. ^^^very helpful. Now I understand why jack said “the reason for a lift is so you don’t have to crawl around on the floor”. Got it. I do hate having to set the lift. I would always be overly careful and set the arms. Raise a little. Stop. Double check. So a four post lift is easily movable?! I mean just push it around? That might be a huge plus.
  10. Oh yeah I can see how a four post would feel more stable. I’ve definitely had some heart jolting experiences with cars “settling” on the lift. Haha. Never anything serious thank god... And yes I’m also in the market for at least two of those stabilizer jacks. Especially now that I know the proper name. I was calling them screw jacks or something stupid like that. I’m a major cheapskate so they can wait until I find a good deal. Speaking of which I emailed the folks at Mohawk. They looked nice and the Indian head logo would go good with my chieftain but they were about 2x as much as the challenger
  11. Never used a four post. Is the sliding jack to lift the wheels off the ramps?! I have limited space and like the wheels to hang free. What’s the pluses of a four poster?
  12. I would do used but I need it installed. Ive put up 3 lifts in my day and don’t want to do it again. Plus I have no one to help me. Never heard of Mohawk. I’ll check it out. Thank you!!
  13. No joke. I had a dream about that bumper last night....I think my wife was there too. Looking at me very disapprovingly.
  14. I want a two post. Big enough for a full size truck. I’ve never heard of atlas before but It looked higher in price. Thanks for the input
  15. Hahaha! Pop?!?! What are you doing on here?!