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  1. Grizz

    Car Interior Color question

    Haha, jeez. When BMW is at the bottom of the list price wise I’ll just have to settle for beige! Just curious but which one of these fine autos do you own sir?
  2. I just like cars. All of them. Old ones, new ones, weird ones and cool ones. I like working on them, driving them and talking about them. My hobby is MY hobby and no one else is going to ruin it for me unless they burn down my garage and steal all my tools. The only thing I don’t like about cars is complaining about them.... The industry isn’t going anywhere just evolving. Don’t get mad get better
  3. Grizz

    This is why you should have spare parts

    I had the kids in my station wagon when my starter began exhibiting heat soaked symptoms when leaving the supermarket. The kids were one and two then and losing patients fast. I went back into the store and bought good sized bag of frozen peas, climbed under the car and packed it in. 3 minutes later we’re on the road!!! Guess what we ate for dinner?!
  4. Grizz

    Brake booster

    Ta-da! Look what I found! Same box as the vacuum reservoir(I think). And pedal boot? Still haven’t found a check valve so I’ll be painting up the standard pedal plates and using them, until I rebuild the booster later on down the road. Also found the brake line. Going to start on that. What kind of brackety is needed along the frame going towards the back here?
  5. Grizz

    Steering Gear lubricant change

    Where can this stuff be found? Was this for the steering gear? I’ll be filling mine up soon too
  6. Grizz

    Hydramatic side cover bolts

    Really?! That’s couldn’t find them that small or what? Is there a gasket there too?
  7. Grizz

    Hydramatic side cover bolts

    C’mon guys! Nobody gonna give the young feller an “atta boy”?! Thanks for all the help!
  8. Grizz

    Hydramatic side cover bolts

    Nah! Someone’s got an answer. Maybe we should move this question to the general forum? If that doesn’t work, car show season is upon us some old feller knows we just gotta find them.
  9. Grizz

    Hydramatic side cover bolts

    This is weird. I took pictures of what I have on both transmissions. They are in order the way they were taken out. One on the left and right and five top and bottom. They are not the same on either trans. Maybe they have been serviced before and put back in differently? Here’s the thing. We both have 7 stars and 5 coppers. This can’t be a coincidence and I’m like you in that I want it to be put back together the way it was intended. I’m glad your working on the same car as me! More digging is needed! I think copper is better for sealing so maybe those five go on the bottom?? By the way. What is under this cover? A valve body?
  10. Grizz

    '54 rear axle seal removal

    Did you try a long Soak in some penetrating oil? Then spray some on the stuck seal.
  11. Grizz

    Retired #oldcarprincess

    Victoria, I think your doing it wrong... your supposed to retire from business development or whatever that is, to being an old car queen. Lemme guess, you also moved to southern Oregon from Florida?! congratulations on your new endeavor. I admire your work ethic. I bet a lot of people are on this forum MORE due to boredom on the clock
  12. Grizz

    Hydramatic side cover bolts

    Ive got two extra hydramatics that come with the car, I’ll go down in the basement and see what they have?
  13. Grizz

    New guy, old car

    Good info. Thank you. My mom had kids today so I got a “brake” to check out what I got. Looks like I have a brake line, but like y’all said, gonna replace it. It was new 30 years ago when the car was last loved. Correct me if I’m wrong here. The brake line runs from master to junction block (need a new one). Block to front left wheel. Block under motor along frame to right. Block along frame to the back? All I’m missing is the master to block, and block to right side. And all the flex lines. Also even though these drums look new, the wheel cylinders look 30 years old too huh? I’m going to be honest here, I looked at the OUTSIDE of these drums and thought, “ehhh, look fairly new, I shouldn’t have to take the wheels off”. I’m ashamed of myself
  14. Leave it to a millennial to write a book of excuses about why his peers are losing interest in an enriching and fulfilling hobby and trading it for spacebook and google. Hahaha. Just kidding mark. Sort of I was born in 83 so I can talk to you that way. Well written piece
  15. Grizz

    Craftsman "FORD BRAKES" wrench

    Sounds cool. Pictures?