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  1. good luck i have the exact car in black, 2nd owner also, be interested in what it brings. goatboy
  2. nope prolly wont ever be in a show, had plenty of them when i was young, dont care now lol just looking for the most affordable way to do this, cause i only occasionally drive this car. again thanks to all for your ideas todd
  3. sorry been busy and havent checked this for a while, i havenet done anything yet but there are some good ideas on here, when i get time i will post what i get accomplished to maybe help others todd
  4. thanks so much for your help, i will check this out soon todd
  5. im having trouble finding u joints for my 38 commander, these are quite wierd looking if you havent seen them ! anyways does anyone know where i can come up witha pair of them, or what do i use to switch over to a more modern style? thx todd
  6. would love to know how to do that, where'd you learn this from?
  7. congrats matt did you change to 12 volt system cause your lights look a lit brighter then mine !!! also did you put a glasspack muffler on? sounds a lot louder then mine. thx goatboy
  8. having a 38 commander also I would love to see some pics of this light
  9. this will be fun to watch, as i have the exact car you do keep up the good work man
  10. mine does the exact same thing did ya figger out what was wrong? my blue heeler wants to hang out it !!! lol
  11. ya matt really want to see more of your 38, that's what I'm building now and want ideas
  12. i am in need of a 6v regulator for my 38 stude commader, this is a 30amp positive ground 4 post regulator, please email me at trfienen@yahoo.com if you have one to sell thx goatboy