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  1. Harry, I have a 47 Super C that I just acquired about 6 weeks ago and it has a nice top already on it plus I have been working on the car for the past 6 weeks fixing and detailing all the little and some big items so I have learned alot. I will give you a call later today and see if I can help you out. I believe my floating bar is all wood and here are a couple of pics for you to see.
  2. You're right JohnD, It was supposed to be 4-0's but I put# 400. Thanks for the correction.
  3. I don't know about you guys but I always use #400 steel wool for chrome and glass. Works like a charm,,,
  4. Well, I got the torque ball seal changed out and I did it on a hoist using the come a long method. If you've never done it, and this is on a 47 Buick Super, it is a little slow and takes a bit of thinking but its not too hard. Next time is easy and having a hoist is nice so you don't have to spend the time on a creeper. The adjustable rod pictured in my last post is just a stabilizer and is installed last with no pressure put on it either way. I used 3M scotchbrite Roloc surface conditioning disks on a air tool to polish the torque ball and inner and outer retainers, it did a nice job.
  5. Does anyone know what that adjustment rod is for, I'm just guessing.
  6. I have one in that condition also, Thanks for trying.
  7. Looking for a maroon drivers armrest for a 47 Buick super conv. pic of passenger side here
  8. Pretty sure its a true 47, title shows 82,550 actual miles, a few more now since driving it, the engine number is 499572I-5 and from what I can find on the net, that is a 47 engine so gonna take a chance and say its a true 47. Also is that a tried and tested method? I presume it is and if thats the case, I'm not a poker player but I'm all in.
  9. I sure did. Sent that one from I phone and auto correct got me.
  10. Striking out on touché ball seal for 47 manual, any recommendations?
  11. And thanks for the reminder of the left hand threads Ben.
  12. That's good advice John, I think I will get all the parts you mentioned just because I would like it all fresh at some point in time, I don't have a lot of info on the past maintinence of this vehicle
  13. Lots of good info here and many different Ideas, Thanks a lot guys for the input. I checked my engine today and the number is 499572I-5,, I believe it is a 47,,,,,,,,So a vulcanized torque ball seal is all I need? I'm thinking I may need more than that,
  14. I don't know why I used Dynaflow torque ball in my explanation ,I guess I read about it and thought the 2 were connected, I have 3 sd manual with a torqueball leak. Just getting to know about these old Buick, I now know Dynaflow is a automatic but thought it pertained to the enclosed drive shaft system, Live and learn
  15. Great! Sounds easy, Now just determine the engine and tranny and get the parts coming. Manual is on the way. Any special tools I need to come up with? Also, any tips on determining what year the engine and tranny are? Thanks again guys!