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  1. I will give you a call later today... Are you able to meet in Madison Heights around lunch times or would evenings work better?
  2. Hello, i am interested in the steering column. Are the rear axle stabilizer bars in good shape? I live in romeo so im not too far away and could pick up. Thanks, Colin
  3. Hello, I am looking for a left side exhaust manifold for a dual exhaust 58 buick… Let me know if you're looking to sell this- thanks, colin
  4. Thanks for the help. I'm planning on replacing everything... Inline tube is only a few miles from my house after all! I'd prefer to spend the money and send out my master cylinder for a rebuild but sometimes it can be less aggravating to do it yourself. Not sure what I'll do yet. Luckily my floor is pretty rusted out so I can probably grip the nut through the bottom of the vehicle!
  5. Hello!!! I am fixing up a 1958 Buick that was purchased by my grandfather in the 70s but has been sitting in a barn for 30 years... I have the engine tuned up and running well, so now I am tackling the brakes. I have all the drums off and I am wanting to replace all hardware, shoes, lines, hoses, and get the master cylinder rebuilt. I'm hoping to possibly cruise this summer! 2 questions: Do I have a Bendix master cylinder? Should I assume my vacuum booster needs to be repaired as well? Thanks, Colin