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  1. Hard to tell but this kinda looks like differential oil. Your pinion seal might be toast.
  2. There is a zerk on the driveshaft. There is also a corresponding hole in the torque tube to grease the zerk. The hole in the torque tube has a flanged plug in it.
  3. Splines look great, both u joints are nice and smooth. Will put some fresh grease in the rear splines. I cleaned up the tube to paint but oil kept seaping from the ungasketed rear mating flange. With everything clean I’m hoping the paint will stick!
  4. Hello, The rear end of my Century is out so i took the opportunity to clean all the ATF oil out of the tube. I took the prop shaft out and there seems to be a ring of a flexible substance near the rear greasable spline. Looks like wax but feels like silicone. Anyone ever see this before? There doesnt seem to be any mention of anything like this in the shop manual. Whatever it is doesnt appear to do anything so I’m wondering why it’s there.
  5. Hello, i replaced all my upper and lower control arm bushings in my 1958 Century. The manual says the shafts should turn freely by hand. My lowers do turn freely but the uppers are too tight to turn by hand. Well i installed the upper control arms anyways and they do move up and down but it takes a little effort. They do not drop under their own weight. Is it possible to install the shafts backwards? Should i consider replacing them? They appear to be in good shape. thanks, Colin
  6. I will give you a call later today... Are you able to meet in Madison Heights around lunch times or would evenings work better?
  7. Hello, i am interested in the steering column. Are the rear axle stabilizer bars in good shape? I live in romeo so im not too far away and could pick up. Thanks, Colin
  8. Hello, I am looking for a left side exhaust manifold for a dual exhaust 58 buick… Let me know if you're looking to sell this- thanks, colin
  9. Thanks for the help. I'm planning on replacing everything... Inline tube is only a few miles from my house after all! I'd prefer to spend the money and send out my master cylinder for a rebuild but sometimes it can be less aggravating to do it yourself. Not sure what I'll do yet. Luckily my floor is pretty rusted out so I can probably grip the nut through the bottom of the vehicle!
  10. Hello!!! I am fixing up a 1958 Buick that was purchased by my grandfather in the 70s but has been sitting in a barn for 30 years... I have the engine tuned up and running well, so now I am tackling the brakes. I have all the drums off and I am wanting to replace all hardware, shoes, lines, hoses, and get the master cylinder rebuilt. I'm hoping to possibly cruise this summer! 2 questions: Do I have a Bendix master cylinder? Should I assume my vacuum booster needs to be repaired as well? Thanks, Colin
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