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  1. We are in need of a driver side front door window for our 59 series 63 4 door. The complete frame. Somehow the body shop lost ours. We only have the lift mechanism. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Yes I know we can have the flat glass cut but are in need of the assembly, all we have is the regulator. Body shop seems to have misplaced it among other things. Like the COMPLETE SEAT FRAMES. Grrrrr.
  3. Looking for driver front window for 59 CADDILAC series 63. Thanx.
  4. If I can get ti my warehouse I'll get the thread size of my shift lever.
  5. We are in need of help with our 1947 Windsor club coupe. It doesn't need much but was left at 80% complete by a friend that was "helping" me with a couple projects. I do restorations in the body and paint area but this just needs some minor wire completion and light mechanics. I just installed a new gas tank and the car is basically together sitting in Fort Lauderdale. I'm trying to finish for our wedding anniversary next year. I will pay someone who might enjoy working on our Chrysler. Please contact me here or PM to make other meeting arrangements. NOT a street rod. All original except 12V, alternator & Petronix. This is about hope it looks now
  6. We are continuing the search for a complete front driver window for our 59 Caddy series 63 project. With the weather here in south Florida finding this would really help as the car is stored outside and we are itching to install all the interior parts. Thanx for any help anyone can provide. Even links to someone that may have may help.
  7. I'm bumping this old question in case someone has any new info I could use. Or even has the correct hub/trim ring combo for sale for my 47 Windsor club coupe. Hope to have on the road soon. No one in south Florida's I can find has a clue about my car
  8. I'll check my current one. In the mean time could you please include a picture of thr open side sho I can be sure this is what I want. I'm adding 2 reading lights. I want them to match
  9. Looks like one has 2 wire connection and other has 1 wire. Is that correct? If so I just have to find out why and if I can wire in accordingly. Shouldn't be an issue but wanna make sure both can be useful. Will be shipping to 33311 for total pricing
  10. Are both electrical connections different? Can't tell from the picture angle. Need to be able to connect.
  11. After posting a WTB in Cadillac parts forum this person joined the forum and sent a message about someone in California that had everything we needed. After contacting this other person they would send everything we need for 300.00 and 40.00 shipping. Including front and rear bench seats for a 59 Cadillac. And said they were shipping ups. I know they wont handle things this large and heavy. This seems to be a case of too good to be true. I'm just letting the moderators know about this since red flags jumped out all over. The California person wanting me to send the funds thru PayPal is Micheal Collins. In case maybe someone has dealt with them and I'm mistaken.
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