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  1. So wassup with the tinted one? If I don't do exchange with Domi, what do you want for your tinted one
  2. Mine are not broken and the only thing I worry about is sealing out the weather. I'd prefer to have the tinted ones so it's possible we could do a swap. Can you take a picture out the lens installed in the housing? I could go either way on the colors tho. Which is your preference?
  3. Can you send a couple pix of condition of a set please? I can polish and repaint letters but don't want then too beat up. Even though it will be my daily driver.
  4. Looking for a set of 4 good condition hub caps and beauty rings. Possibly original 15" rims also with good price package deal.
  5. I never received the pm. I'm still interested if they are around. Can you just text me at 9545581382. I have both for my car but one is clear and one has a slight purple tint. Sorry for the late reply but I haven't been on the site for a while.
  6. You say yours do not match? I have a set for my 47 the same way. One is crystal clear and the other has a slight purple tint. Let me know if yours are similar and maybe we could swap one. I was going to try and find another tinted one and get rid of the clear one. They are both in good condition.
  7. Looking for 2 dome light housings without lens'. Just need the mount housing with bulb socket. Condition can be fair. Surface rust ok. Solid steel and socket preferred.
  8. In the Florida DMV requirements for using year of manufacture plates in their very strict requirements on restored plates it states that the numbers must be "rolled on". Does anyone know how critical this is or even exactly what they mean. I can only think to use an ink roller and try to apply in that manner but to make that perfect on something that isn't exactly new might look a little sloppy. Has anyone encountered this and had a plate pass their hand inspection? Also does anyone have a code for the exact green used on 1947 florida plates? Here's a quote from their website. "It must not be bent or torn and can not be touched up in any way. Slight rust is acceptable if the plate can be read from 100 feet away. Excellent professional restorations are now accepted and the judgement of the DMV office is very strict. The original color of the plate must match exactly and the paint must be "rolled" on the numbers"
  9. If they are still around I am interested in the best 2. Thanx
  10. I have NOS middle and lower whiskers and am looking for a descent set of upper whiskers for my grill. Also could use the upper middle molding for the center part of the grill. Couple other things still needed for my club coupe so if anyone knows of one being parted please pass the word. Thanx in advance. I'm very anxious to finally get this Windsor on the road in its original glory.