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  1. Max vormister I sent you a pm.
  2. Nash34


    Are you looking for antique car parts. Stop by the AAA Parts Facebook page. I might have just what you're looking for. Come visit often as new things come in every so often.
  3. Al last time I ran across locomobile stuff at a swap meet was Chickasha. Friend of mine and I went down and he had a small steam engine with locomobile written across the front of it. He had taken it down for a friend who lived in the Wichita area. I think his friends still has that little engine.
  4. Looking for an old transmission that I could use for patterns. I need to make a transmission for my car. Help would be appreciated thanks
  5. I will be there next year. If you're looking for information for next year let me know.
  6. I have more photos but my phone is not letting me up load them. It was a beautiful day. Little over 400 vendors this year. The two big Pavilions were full. Lots of car parts (1920's and up), tools and memorabilia vendors. I end up with couple of parts for my early 1928 AA Ford. Good working Coleman lantern. Sold a fair amount of stuff.
  7. The Lawrence aaca Swap Meet started I believe in 1961. At its height in the 90s they were over 800 vendors. Over the past five years they averaged somewhere between three and four hundred.
  8. This weekend is the annual Lawrence aaca Swap Meet in Lawrence, Kansas. I will be in spot 42 A. Selling parts, Ford, early Cadillac, Chevrolet, little Dodge stuff. Mostly teens into the 30s. Some post-war GM, Ford and AMC products. Kansas license plate from 1917- 1950's
  9. For sale on eBay is some sets of top curtain windows for Ford or Chevrolet.
  10. mobileparts I passed your information to my neighbor tonight. he's going to try to call you sometime tomorrow.
  11. My neighbors looking for a water pump for a 1949 GMC truck. Engine is a 228. We've asked all around the area with no luck. If anyone has a spare one on the shelf or knows of a good source I'd appreciate it.