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  1. Wow that went very reasonabl. Nice looking Chandler to.
  2. Nash34

    1913 Hupp 32

    Thanks. We had Hump out today for a family get togather. Car did good on shifting. Dad getting things figure out. The only problem it seem to have now is after running for awhile. Stop car for a short time. Try to fire it back up it dose not like to fire back up. I am sour it something simply. Just keep playing with it. Gossjh How's your car doing?
  3. I may have just figured out how mine and other Regals made it to Central Kansas. Ollinger-Center motor car company of Salina Kansas. They sold Oldsmobile and Regal products on North Santa Fe Ave.
  4. Alsfarms I finally got around to my information. The tires for the light 4 are 30x3 1/2 with non- skids on the rear.
  5. Nash34

    1913 Hupp 32

    Glad to hear. So is interesting what was slowest car down.
  6. I try to take inventory best I could. Mechanically everthing there. Looks to be a ease restoration. Fingers crossed. This winter I plan on putting the rear tub and cowl on the frame and see about making doors and the front seat.
  7. Oh here there in yonder. Mostly small stuff that was used on multiple cars like speedometer. I have been able to find out a fair amount about Regal. I am currently working on the water inlet. Trying to get it ready for casting. It was broken in couple pieces when I got Regal.
  8. Nash34

    1915 Regal

    Mercer 09 Need a hood first to make those measurements.
  9. Nash34

    1915 Regal

    Hello all Looking for Radiator and Hood for 1915 Regal light 4. Also looking for photographs of the dash. Thanks
  10. Nash34

    1913 Hupp 32

    That's quite a collection there.
  11. Nash34

    1913 Hupp 32

    Gossjh What are the other 4 cars that are sitting around?
  12. These fenders come from a gentleman that had a lot of Dodge Brothers stuff. After looking at some photos of 24 Maxwells. They look pretty close.
  13. Nash34

    1913 Hupp 32

    Dad has the original carburetor. But the car is using the bb1 currently. Which seems work ok. I'm not very impressed with it. It seems to be part of shifting problem. As it doesn't really allow the car idle very well. I'm trying to encourage him to put the original carburetor back on. Our newly-formed local car group had a day trip this past Saturday. Humpmobile did fairly well. A little difficult to start after it gets warmed up. I'm kind of wondering if the changing of the carburetor and a go through the mag might help starting the car. I saw your car on the Horses Carriage Club forum looks like a nice one. I could definitely see how Humpmobile 32s make wonderful smaller touring car.