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  1. You know I can appreciate being early birds. Seems like to me Saturday morning is when the best deals are to be had. One year I picked up 6 nice brass light for $600.
  2. Bring: Model T and A parts Assorted Cadillac parts 1903-1908 Couple of Reo parts Some Chevrolet Some car literature 1910's-1930's Fairbanks Morse Model Z headless built 1917 project. Looking for: Reo One Cyl. Carburetor, camshaft, cam gear, cutout, oiler and brake parts. 1915 Regal light 4 Owner's manual and literature showing Dash/ interior shots , hood, radiator and dyneto starter generator switch for dash. In the past space has been outside north building by the southwest entry door. We have a friend that set up inside with vintiques, brass horn parts, radiator scripts, horns and horn parts sum early Cadillac,Reo,Mode T. Be there Thursday afternoon through Saturday. Austin Anders 785-263-6486
  3. Starting it's thread for Chickasha swap meet. Post what you're looking for or what you're bringing.
  4. Where is it located at?
  5. Do you have any more photos of Reo? Would like to see engine photos and the other side of the car if possible. Looks like at some point in time somebody put a new firewall on the car. Is the coil box still there?
  6. Borg Warner automatic transmission out of a 1960s AMC. Comes with the torque converter. asking $300 plus Shipping.
  7. GM transmission . Still has red paint. Shifts freely. $100 plus Shipping
  8. GM transmission for sale. 3 speed transmission that moves freely. $100 plus shipping
  9. Best advice is to keep it and enjoy with your family and friends. Chandler made one of the best car from the 1920's. If your looking for information get a hold of the Chandler club. Also if you are looking to sale it. There news letter is your best bet.
  10. Saling a Solar tail light for a friend price $450
  11. I have an early Pope fender for sale. Believed to be 1902 or 03. Has brackets on it. Missing a couple bolts. Located in Central Kansas.
  12. Ad for local church that is putting on the car, truck and tractor show. Looks likeit will be a lot of fun for everyone.
  13. 4-cylinder splitdorf mag for for sale on eBay.
  14. Yes 1915 was considered the model D. It had a conventional front axle setup. With a cantilever rear end. So the rear end mounted on the end of the springs and not the center to help keep the car sitting lower. Regal also has a full floating rear axle. All in one starter generator unit for the light 4. Also the first year to use a V8 in the it the big model. The doors themselves won't be bad to make. It's not having any of the door latchs or hinge hardware that will make things difficult.