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  1. Well we where semi successful this evening.
  2. Andrew. Thank for sharing. This is what. My Dis. looks like. I talk with old buicks 2 couple weeks back and explain how it come apart. At the moment I am trying to get the bearing loosen up so I can take the points cover off. Your photo show more details. Which will help with the rest of the disassembly and reassembly. Thanks.
  3. Gossjh. The Hupp. 32s are great cars. With the market the way it is right now. Keep making those ice cream runs. There's nothing wrong with social distancing in style.
  4. Brass is best. I can't imagine crossley much better. I'm just glad that I would be considered the average height for back in the late twenties or early thirties. At 5ft 9. I actually have a 1930 Austin here that we're restoring. A buddy of mine has come to help with the restoration about 6 ft tall. He didn't think he'd fit in it. After the initial getting into the car he realized it was pretty roomy for what it is. Was able to drive around a little bit before we tore it apart. He was amazed at how comfortable it was the drive.
  5. You thing an A is hard to get into. Try an American Austin some day.
  6. Old bricks 2 I have try to do some research. Have not found much. What you see in the photo is what I have. I like to rebuild it. So any Education on this particularly unit. What ever parts i can find to rebuild it. It's a model 15 with a patent date of 1914. I know this is probably is rare bird. If I can't find anything. Regal also used A.W. Kent 1915 as well. I have a good A.W. Kent set up if I need to go that route. Will like to keep it original if possible.
  7. Looking for parts to repair a Connecticut telephone and electrical company distributor. It is a model 15.
  8. This evening I decided to take the combination generator starter off the Regal to get rebuilt at local shop. On the back side is the distributor. And I can't say that I've ever seen one quite like this. It's was made by Connecticut telephone and electrical company. Designated as a model 15. Anyone have some parts for one of these?
  9. Chrysler amp gauge. $20 plus shipping
  10. Hassle shocks for Model T Ford. They where taking off a Model T. Cleaned up primed and painted. Then the decision was made they wanted to go back stock. So shocks are now for sale. Asking $350.00 plus shipping.
  11. Any thing with Nash is worth fixing. There was a guy in the Kansas City area that would always drive his 1922 Nash to the Air Capitol tours for many years.
  12. Nash34

    1913 Hupp 32

    Old soul 58. Send you a pm.
  13. Mspickelmier I have a 36 Parts car available if you need it.
  14. Well I decided it was time to make some progress on this old Regal. First project of the restoration is to get the water Inlet recasted.