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  1. I have an extremely similar distributor Bosch T6244 that I would sell, Might help you out with parts. What do these distributors fit? Thanks
  2. Hello, Trying to figure out what vehicle this distributor would have originated from, or any other related information about it. It is made by the american Bosch Magneto Corp. Springfield Mass. Numbers rear T6244 and below that a 3 and a 5. Thanks.
  3. Hi Steve, No rush on my end, I appreciate the efforts. Here is a blue print of the exact top irons I need:
  4. Here are two prints from the franklin club. These are from a 10B but would be extremely similar to my 10A. There’s just a peg on top of the windshield with a handle/screw type clamp that squeezes it in place.
  5. I believe it originally had 4 bows that made up the top
  6. In search of the top mechanism for a 1922 Franklin Touring Car, or the equivalent, wooden bows need not be good, I can replace them. Will consider any early 20s touring top mechanism if it looks to be a good fit.
  7. Hi Jim! Thank you for the offer! I will contact you if I end up needing any help down there, just an old car car I bought that I’m trying to figure out how to move. It’s currently sitting at a friends house in the driveway.
  8. Looking to arrange transport for a NON RUNNING 1941 Desoto Sedan. This car is located in the Stuart Florida area, and delivery would be Scranton PA. The car is complete and rolls fine, but does not run. Open carry is absolutely fine with me. Would love to find someone heading north for Christmas that wants to make some extra cash. Help loading and unloading on both ends.