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  1. I would still be interested in selling the Franklin, It is mostly original but has had amateur repaint work done. The engine has been rebuilt. I have the pan off now checking all bearing clearances and so on. Interior totally original. There's a great club for franklins that is a wonderful resource for info, and parts. as far as the parts go, its original. No mechanical modifications.
  2. Hello, Matt here from Scranton PA. I recently purchased a 1912 Model 22 Metz Project and I will likely be hunting parts soon. It will be joining my garage with a few 1920s Franklins and a few later cars from the 50s and 60s. Its an ambitious project but at 25 years old I might be the youngest current Metz owner! I don't have the car home yet but I will post pictures when I can. Did the 1912 Metz 22s have a cooling fan and pulley in the front? I have seen lots of cars photographed without them. Also, is there any significance to the control lever for the friction drive being mounted in the cent
  3. I just purchased a 1912 that looks pretty untouched, when I get it home from TX I will let you know what it has on it.
  4. Are there still Metz parts available? I am in Scranton PA and interested. @scudaria_motorsport cell is 3306058511
  5. I have a 1922 Franklin Series 10A that I am interested in selling. It is a closed two door sedan, with a V-Shaped windshield. Franklins were produced in Syracuse NY from 1902-1934. It has an air cooled six cylinder engine, three speed transmission, and an all original interior. Franklins are great vehicles for touring, and the club is a massive resource for parts and technical information. We even have a majority of the Company's blue prints and drawings on our website, digitized and searchable for members. This car is 100% complete and it has a lot of original finishes showing. The engine was
  6. I have been following this car, I will most likely attend the auction. Anyone looking to purchase should be prepared to spend a good amount of money for having proper rims/wheels made and tires purchased. The ones on it are far from correct. Coker is currently sourcing a new manufacturer for their wheelworks offerings. They said it could be anywhere from a year to two years before a new customer would be able to get wheels.
  7. It is disappointing to see the negative comments throughout this thread about 1990s eligible cars in AACA, and it is equally as disappointing to see the time and time again generalization of young people not caring about cars, new or old. It is this EXACT mentality that will drive away young individuals who stumble upon AACA and find a non accepting group of individuals who write them off from the start. Times are a changin'...get ready to see people with 1990s cars at our shows and be ready to welcome them with open arms. This has been a trend for decades in this club starting with oppositio
  8. It doesn't take up much space!! Would make a wonderful daily driver.
  9. SOLD Up for sale is a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle. This car was purchased from the original owner in 2013. The car currently has its solid running original "HO" 1500 engine and is a great driver. The car runs, shifts, and stops great and everything works - odometer, gas gauge, interior lights, horn, headlights, taillights, reverse lights, etc. The car has solid pans, but unfortunately has the typical heater channel rust. I had intended to replace the channels and I'm including Dansk heater channels with the sale of the car. The paint is not perfect but shows very well for a driver quality ve
  10. 1955 GMC 100 Series NAPCO 4x4 Northwest Auto Parts Company (NAPCO) 4x4 In 1955 this would have originally started life as a 2wd truck which was then fitted with the 4x4 conversion. This truck has a 288 V-8 engine, four speed manual transmission, finished in Panama cream exterior with a cream and brown interior. the underside of this truck is just as beautiful as the top, and it runs very well. The wheel size is 19.5 inch which is significantly larger than the original GM wheels and are part of the NAPCO Kit. Priced at $69,000. Open to offers. Please call 330-605-8511 with any i
  11. I have an extremely similar distributor Bosch T6244 that I would sell, Might help you out with parts. What do these distributors fit? Thanks
  12. Hello, Trying to figure out what vehicle this distributor would have originated from, or any other related information about it. It is made by the american Bosch Magneto Corp. Springfield Mass. Numbers rear T6244 and below that a 3 and a 5. Thanks.
  13. Hi Steve, No rush on my end, I appreciate the efforts. Here is a blue print of the exact top irons I need:
  14. Here are two prints from the franklin club. These are from a 10B but would be extremely similar to my 10A. There’s just a peg on top of the windshield with a handle/screw type clamp that squeezes it in place.
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