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  1. Economics 101. Supply vs Demand. Lots of campgrounds charge premium rates for Holiday and Special Event weekend/weeks. $85/night for a prime season is not unheard of for many places... but based on what others have said for the condition/upkeep it would appear higher than it should be; even booking this far ahead to guarantee your spot (another premium). Perhaps there are planned upgrades - which will certainly take additional funding. I think all will agree that the consumers will determine if the price is too much when next year rolls around and the place is empty. Although I certain
  2. 2 of our wheels are out of round. I'd be curious what the cost to ship 2 or all 4 rims to CT via Fastenal would be? Not wanting the tires.
  3. Within the last month you may have stumbled across Ply33's site. It is a wealth of information. There are sections for the Q and U models you are asking about from the link on the following page. http://www.ply33.com/Models/
  4. I am not sure about the '33, but our '32 PB had individual 'sheets' that hung on clips in the rear. We have not re-made ours yet and have very little of the original panels to go off of. It seemed almost like a paper with leatherette glued on both sides. I will have to see if I can find pictures.
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