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  1. Very interesting . . . and informative for a newby. It will be interesting to see what Jim has to say.
  2. More evidence of a half-way job!! The car was owned by an old lady, who obviously was taken advantage of.
  3. This was brown, mud-like, and flushed nicely out of all the components. Reminded me of wet rust. Any ideas what that was?
  4. Ugh!! As I'm working on this car I'm finding a lot of poor quality maintenance work, even though it only has 63,000 miles on it. The AC was one example. It seems that a couple of components were replaced and it was updated to R134. However, because the expansion valve was hard to get to, they didn't bother. When I removed it, it was full of "gunk," so much so that it completely blocked the system. The lines going into it were full of crud while the lines coming out of the evaporator were clear. Even the STV appears clean. I'm not a mechanic, but I learned to distrust mechanics so much that when something needs to be fixed, I'll educate myself and then do it myself, if at all possible.
  5. I'm still hoping. Actually, before I took the system apart, the compressor was running and the system was holding vacuum. It wouldn't cool because the expansion valve was completely blocked. SO . . . I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. Thanks, Steve. Do you by any chance know where I can find it in the manual. I'd like to read up on it. Tom
  7. Okay, I'm slowly working on getting my ac working. I'm about to remove the compressor to refill the oil and noticed a component that I had not noticed previously. As you can see from the picture, it is located between the high side of the compressor and the condenser. I certainly looks like an original part but my shop manual does not show in any diagrams and I've been unable to find any mention of it in the narrative. Can someone help me? Thanks, Tom
  8. tkeiser1

    a/c conversion

    Actually, low side is negative pressure.
  9. tkeiser1

    a/c conversion

    I've managed okay so far by squeezing into the small places. To me it's just part of the "fun." As for the expansion valve, it appears that my friend was successful at brazing on the female connector. Now I need to finish flushing (condenser) and putting oil back into the compressor. Then it's the wonderful "let's see if it works." However, the biggest problem now is hurricane Florence, since I live in the Hampton Roads area.
  10. tkeiser1

    a/c conversion

    Bob, Nope, the project is still ongoing. If got the connector to the expansion valve and, in spite of its length, got it back into the evaporator box. HOWEVER, when I started hooking it back up I ran into another problem. The equalizer line on the new expansion valve has a male connector whereas the old one was female. I've tried to get an adaptor for that but have been unsuccessful since the fitting sizes are not standard. So, I cut the female connector off of the old expansion valve and am having a friend try to braze it on to the new valve. We'll see how that goes. Meanwhile I've been flushing the system. That's complete except for the condenser. However, things have been going slow. Life continually gets in the way of hobbies. Seat & console? No. However, while I was working on the ac and had the dash apart, I took the console apart was well, trying to locate an electrical problem. That worked well as I was able to find that someone had disconnected the wires from the door switches. Tom
  11. tkeiser1

    a/c conversion

    Thanks, I'll check them out.
  12. tkeiser1

    a/c conversion

    I guess I've got some homework to do!
  13. tkeiser1

    a/c conversion

    Yep, was planning to flush other components. Thanks for the tip on the STV. I'll try to find a kit. Tom
  14. tkeiser1

    a/c conversion

    Tom, The screen was totally clogged, brown gunk, probably a mixture of debris & rust. I'm concerned about the STV as well. However, the line out of the evaporator seemed pretty clean, whereas the line in drained gunk out. So I'm hopeful. I'm new to all of this . . . how can I check the STV while I have the system apart? Tom