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    On 5/16/2019 at 4:51 AM, idrjoe_sandiego said:

    Moral:  Dodge Brothers Radiator Fan Blades from this era should be discarded and substituted with a safer version.  Every fan blade from this era that I have checked has cracks in it. I was aware of this and had my fan blades reinforced, but they still broke.  The cracks may be subtle and hard to see, but I promise you, they are there. I modified a fan blade from a 1950 Chrysler. It looks like a 98% perfect match and 3000 times safer. Don’t let it happen! It’s not a matter of “if” it will break; it is a matter of “when”. Getting cut in half with a fan blade is guaranteed to be a bad day.

    Not only Dodge but all pre war car fan blades.  My Pontiac threw a blade 35 years ago but only bent radiator fins.  A pinto fan fit perfect just needed to have two holes drilled to match the three bolt hub.  This should be posted somewhere so all pre war drivers will know to check their fans.

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  2. I finial found that thread again, reading over it . I gave incorrect info . the Pinto fan was for a Pontiac . The Chrysler used a 1950's Chrysler fan . Ebay shows a couple different types of those . No other specifics where given . There where some measurement on the fans . Will have to try and get some from my Dodge to cross . 

      Hope someone come thur with exact info ,too .

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