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  1. paul2748

    Transmission connection pipe?

    I'm not familiar with a 62, but that looks like one of the trans cooling lines. Did you forget to undo it when pulling the trans?
  2. I have four head gaskets (of course never used) Fel Pro 799 PT. 17.00 each, 30.00 a pair. Take them all for 55.00. plus shipping From Midland Park NJ. Were a part of two engine kits. Pic available email or PM me
  3. This pump is new - never used. It fits any Y Block from 55-62 and FE's. Does not have the filter on the bottom so it will fit an early TBird. Does not have the extra vacuum chamber. 35.00 plus shipping. Box is shopworn, otherwise the pump has never been used. Gasket included. email or pm me. Sold
  4. paul2748

    57 T-Bird Purchase

    The first thing I would do is see if there is a local TBird club. Join it. Get the benefit of their experience with early Birds. Ask one of the more knowledgeable members to accompany you for a through inspection (bottom especially) to check out the condition of the car. Frame and body conditions are the most expensive to fix. Mechanical issues less so. It has been my experience with older cars that they can run rougher when cold ( MY 56 does) . Joe - do you live in New Jersey? There is a great club in north Jersey, the New Jersey Open Road Thunderbird Club (NJORTC). Lots of real TBird guys (I am one of them)
  5. paul2748


    The generator is all black. The hood rod latch assembly is zinc cadium plated. The bottom of the air cleaner is argent as is the cork. The oil pan was engine color. The trans bell, if an automatic, was natural cast. I believe that the standard shift bell housing was painted engine color. Throttle linkage on manifold was natural steel but the throttle rods 9727 and 9747 are cadium zinc. Except for O/D cars which had an aluminum center piece
  6. New repro's. Never used. Pair (left and Right) 35.00 each plus shipping from NJ. Email or PM me
  7. Brand new never used Repop aluminum thermostat housing 45.00 plus shipping from New Jersey email or pM me sold
  8. paul2748

    Misc For Sale

    have two caps, two points sets and a condenser for sale for a 55 and 56. All pieces are new. Everything for 32.00 Also have two sets of inner and outer wheel bearings for a 55-57 Thunderbird. New. Don't know if the sedans are the same 35.00 plus shipping Gas filler door hinge 55-56 - very good condition, oem piece with springs 30.00 Plus shipping from New Jersey email or pm me.
  9. paul2748

    1957 Engine Swap?

    They might
  10. paul2748

    '57 Trim Tag Number

    The best I can do is the first two 7 - Day Manufactured M = Month (December) The rest does not follow the normal sequence. See Click on Car Tech and then Data Plate Decoder
  11. paul2748

    1957 Engine Swap?

    Look for a 292. More plentiful and a lot cheaper than a 312. You can't tell it apart from a 312. The hard thing is trying to get all the Tbird specific parts such as the pan, Some are reproduced, like the water pump spacer. Fan should be no problem. A lot of the brackets are reproduced. TBirds used a standard Ford generator but the rear plate and front pulley are Tbird specific Any other engine will require engine mounts. No other Ford engine will bolt to your bellhousing.
  12. paul2748

    Help me identify this part

    Is there a part number on the box?
  13. paul2748

    Wide White Wall Tires

    I want to get some wide white wall tires for my 56 Thunderbird. I've pretty much decided on Diamond Backs and am looking at the Diamond Back 1 which they say is entry level tire. It is S rated (112MPH), the same as most of their other tires. I drive this car all over, including long distance (coast to coast twice) Does anyone have any experience with this tire? Thanks for any info you can give me.
  14. paul2748

    1957 Thunderbird

    Your wife will not like one without power steering (women usually don't) so add that to your modifications.
  15. paul2748

    1957 Thunderbird

    If your going to change to an automatic, you should consider to going to an later auto, say a C-4 from a later Ford. You will need an adapter (Flat-O-Matic makes a nice one) but it's pretty much a bolt in but there will be some fabrication that has to be done. Because you are starting with a manual car, you will have to acquire the automatic linkage for the accelerator and trans. You can use the stock TBird auto shifter. I put a C4 in my 56. If you want to go with a original 57 trans, they are pretty cheap because there is not a decent market for them. If you want an overdrive, then go with a AOD. There seems to be a lot of 57's out there for sale and you might consider looking at automatic ones before going to the work of a change over.