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  1. I am in the process of replacing the vacuum wiper motor in my '57 TBird. There are TWO mechanical cables which connect to the slider that turns vacuum off and on to the unit. The first cable obviously goes to the control knob on the dashboard. However the second one is routed out through the main grommet hole in the firewall, and heads out into the front driver-side fender, where someone has cut it off somewhere near the left air vent. Where is this cable SUPPOSED to go . . . and why? Thanks in advance!
  2. Looking for a good front seat (even just frame - if that's all you have) for 1951 Ford woodie. I've been told that the '51 has a different floor bolt pattern than either '49 or '50, so probably has to be '51. However, if you have any of them, please let me know, along with mount pattern dimensions.
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