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  1. My father does subscribe to that publication. Also, I just paid a mechanic to go through my personal car before it was driven 2000 miles to where I am. I am sure I'm competent to pay for one to check out the cars if my father and I find it necessary.
  2. Hi Harold. Good point and I have retained one who specializes in this and comes highly recommended.
  3. Your post looks fine to me. Likely a browser issue. Try another or update.
  4. Based on everyone's very much appreciated advice, this is the plan: 1) Go through cars one by one with dad including his documentation, looking for associated parts , etc. make extensive notes and record any provenance or other knowledge he has of them. My dad will enjoy this as he is happy I'm taking an interest in an important part of his life. 2) Attend local car shows and continue to research here and other sites to gain knowledge of industry. 3) See if he can get them running or hire someone to help. Clean them up. (Lots of experience here. Lol) 4) Research solds on eBay and other sites to get a baseline value. (While teaching my 79 year old dad to use an iPad. ). View currently active sales to gauge competition. 5) Post here for additional feedback with complete info and good photos. 6) Evaluate info to either establish insurance/estate value or reserve price. 7) For ones to be sold, post on eBay with appropriate reserve, post link eBay here if allowed or without link, network with locals, people he knows, to market car and locate potential buyers. Not necessarily in that order. 8) For ones he won't sell, this will be invaluable info to be updated when the time comes to settle his estate. Update insurance if necessary. 9) Follow a similar process for his parts, tools and real estate. 10) Write a book on my experiences with dealing with elder abuse, dementia and settling estates such as this to create awareness. (Ok, I'm kidding about this but I may create a memoir for my family and to remember this special time with my father. I have relocated to the middle of nowhere, 2000 miles from family and friends, am putting my career and the rest of my life on hold for this, so I have plenty of free time. I wouldn't have it any other way.) Anything I missed? Thank you all for your help and I hope I have your continued assistance to help make the rest of my fathers life as enjoyable as possible while doing my best to preserve his (relatively small) estate should he need it for his care in the future. (Which is very likely.) I hope to meet lots of interesting people along the way and engage in lots of mutually beneficial transactions. God Bless
  5. Thank you Mercer09, l have already relocated to assist my father so time is not an issue. I agree that these are not big money cars. When I was young he had some mint condition original vets like a 63 split window coupe and a 58 hardtop and soft top (my favorite). Those would have been better to have now. I think my biggest challenge will be to get him to part with what he does have. We will see. In the meantime I have time to research and learn. Thank you for the input.
  6. Mr. Capone, if my messages don't convey that I admit I need help and realize I need to provide more info (that I don't currently have), I apologize. If real estate has taught me anything it's is that I'm not an attorney, a home inspector or even a car dealer. I was asking for advice and referrals. Btw, would you like to buy or sell a house?
  7. Wow, thank you all so much for the terrific help and advice. As a kid and young adult I was around collectors a lot and it's good to see you all are still as good a group as I remember. I need to get a better camera and upload some high res pics and also do some more research and prep on the cars. You will be hearing from me and meanwhile I will be stalking this forum.
  8. Good idea. I am sure they will run but as they have sat they will require attention. Thanks for the advice. That is a good idea. I am having trouble uploading more photos at this time.
  9. My dad has sold cars my entire life and it's actually a business for him. I do think he sold quite a few that way. I would think Hemming's would also be a good option. I do believe he sold many that way as well. Any idea on the marketability of the cars I mentioned? I believe those are all desirable. Some more then others of course.
  10. Yes a Jeepster. Yep, that's what I'm seeing price wise also. I know I need to get conditions assessed. I believe the 57 Ford Retractible is the most valuable.
  11. That is what I assumed. I guess I am going to have to become an antique car dealer. Lol
  12. Yes but it's early in the process and no way to assess value with what I know at this point about the cars. I really need a resource to find a mechanic to get started. I guess it's worth an opinion. He has a good collection of American made cars. Likes to keep them original. His pride and joy is his 57 retractable. Also very nice shape a 1930 Model A Coupe, 24 Model T Roadster, 61 Corvair PU, 48 Willeys, 70 Bronco and some others.
  13. I am starting to think there is a business opportunity for someone to give fair and honest guidance for people in this position.
  14. Nick 8086: That is sad to hear. Must have been heart breaking.
  15. I have all the records for the cars. Dad is meticulous. Some back to original titles and parts that have been bought for each. I'm not sure it would be safe to post what he has here. I'm quite familiar with the downfalls of posting too much personal info on the net. (I teach tech classes about that.) However, I do appreciate the advice you all are giving me.
  16. Advice on how to find an appraiser would also be appreciated. Thank you.
  17. Thank you for your response. I grew up with Hemming's and I am very familiar with ebay, NADA and other sites/publications. I have no idea how to determine the actual condition of these cars on my own. I suspect I need a reliable old car mechanic to go through them. I'm sure they haven't been run for at least 2 years. Is there a resource to find a good mechanic? Also, I was thinking of having them appraised, if for no other reason but to update insurance values. Sadly, my father can not help. I am considering an auction, but there is much to do first to get the cars fixed up and ready. Any recommendations for a site auction vs. bringing them to Mecum or another auction? I am in real estate so I am confident I can manage this once I know what condition the cars are in and get them prepared for sale. I appreciate the help!
  18. At the risk of being laughed off this forum, here goes... My father has several antique cars, as well as lots of parts and tools. He is no longer able to work on them so I need to sell them. I am not mechanically inclined, and I am not in a rush. I also understand that people will try to take advantage of this situation if I'm not very careful. Any advice on where to start?
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