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  1. Use a credit card.. Just open a complaint. They will work with you... I sold a part for 150.00 They told me I save 111.00 on fees?? Wow I lost 50.00 in fees and to ship it.. cost 161.00?? If I payed the fees I would of been better off putting it in the trash.. FYI... 111.00 to eBay and 50 to eBay and pay pal.. 161.00 My parts sold for 150.00.. I did not get charged the 111.00. but it could of happen..
  2. If you get two car worth 250K.. from your estate.. Would you sell or keep them..???
  3. Ed - Have you had one of these?? I got mine a week ago.. Still need to look at it.. Since it was cold here - Starting to work outside.. on the nice days..
  4. I was into surf music...also..The 1980 was a fun time..
  5. Thanks for the heads up.. It is not a big deal for me . I will just do another project and show a 15k loss..
  6. I started to list 1954 kaiser Darrin parts on eBay and other kaiser parts some rare.. I think I gotten 16 email for parts.. I never sold anything until now.. A kaiser Darrin heater gone.. Very hard to find...
  7. For us young cars guys.. Born in the 60's.. Punk was the thing... Ram Jam - Black Betty is a good song also.. I looked into the leather jacket that the Ramones had.. The company is still in business.. I picked up one for my wife... Now I need to get one.. Just to make this car related.. Heart - "Barracuda" (1977) is a mopar car.. "Barracuda"
  8. I hooked up with a guy that send his car from Omaha to AZ just for a oil change,, Trip is 5k.. f40 Ferrari ?? I have use his car hauler.. I hope you Trulyvintage and Bill will stop bye.. Food is on me.. With covid 19 I cook every day..
  9. I turn on the Music in the garage. But I still watch the TV.. It is WiFi so you can YouTube or AACA sites.. Once I get a car running . I should be able to make my own music..
  10. I would pickup a car.. I Did 57 of them.. in the last 8 years.. Now I just pay to have someone get them.. For the $$$ cars..
  11. Here is the link: The price may change since I posted it in 2018.. I sold one of them for good money on ebay.. But I had to list 3 years.. off and on .. They are hard to find..
  12. Here is pic of the car.. I still have them.. The hub caps.. One with three small dents and one new in the box..
  13. Still in covid 19 restrictions. I got three letters in the mail of 3 cars show that are cancelled..
  14. We did not have a barn.. Most of the stuff was stored in an old factory.. The bad thing he owned 4 of them.. old buildings.. Until it was torn down..
  15. How cool is this.. date 2019 His son did this at the factory his dad worked at.. Building the Darrin.. I call this ghost art..
  16. Join a car club.. You may find networking helps.. Most tours take you to private collection..
  17. Meeting great people.. And see things that you will never see..
  18. What car would this be?? Bird food...
  19. Not sure what my son is doing.. But it looks like a fun time.. He fix the abs brake on this : Just a few days ago, The cool thing he is only 20 years old..
  20. We want to go to Germany. They may need us to get one.. Looking to go in 2022.
  21. COVID-19 Vaccine Passports? to go to meets?
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